Eighty-Eight Percent of Gen Z Believe AI Will Improve Online Shopping, According to New Study

New Survey Data from Rokt Reveals Top Five Ways Gen Z Believes AI Will Improve Ecommerce

Eighty-eight percent of Gen Zers globally think AI can improve online shopping, according to a new consumer research study by leading ecommerce technology company Rokt and Harris Poll. The study, designed to understand the changing expectations of today’s consumers, also identified the top priorities for ecommerce shoppers, which include relevant deals, low prices, and a personalized shopping experience, particularly at checkout.

“88% of Gen Zers think AI can improve online shopping, according to a new study by Rokt and Harris Poll.”

“Brands and retailers across categories are scrambling to identify how they can best use AI to elevate their ecommerce customer experience and drive revenue,” said Elizabeth Buchanan, Chief Commercial Officer at Rokt. “This research provides decision makers with a roadmap for creating new strategies and implementing advanced tech, such as AI, to significantly help improve the online shopping experience in ways that will surprise and delight shoppers.”

Gen Z consumers globally are optimistic about AI’s role in ecommerce, with 55% of respondents interested in an AI assistant that would make online shopping more convenient by simplifying product discovery and anticipating their needs and desires. Additionally, 51% of Gen Zers say they are interested in augmented reality and virtual reality shopping experiences.

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Other Key Findings

Gen Zers globally identify the top five ways AI will improve online shopping, including making it easier to:

  • Compare prices (47%)
  • Find deals (45%)
  • Receive relevant offers and product suggestions (41%)
  • Receive personalized assistance (37%)
  • Find reviews (28%)

Today’s consumers in the US prioritize relevant deals and personalized experiences:

  • Some 63% of respondents say that, due to inflation, they now spend more time online searching for lower prices, relevant deals and offers.
  • Consumers ranked “relevant deals” as the #1 thing they are interested in when shopping, with 55% of Gen Zers interested in curated deals from their favorite influencers and content creators.
  • When shopping experiences don’t feel personalized, 20%–29% of consumers say they will walk away from their cart, the brand or the experience.

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The checkout experience colors consumers’ perception of a brand:

  • Among US survey respondents, 73% say they often experience some form of frustration or barrier at checkout, including having to log in/make an account (33%), too many ads at checkout (34%), or irrelevant ads and product recommendations (33%).
  • When encountering a frustrating checkout experience, 40% of US consumers have reconsidered their purchase or removed items from their cart, 37% have abandoned their cart and not returned to it and 22% say that kind of experience has lowered their perception of the brand.
  • Among Gen Zers globally, 73% agree that “it’s satisfying when I find something I needed last-minute while checking out.”
  • In addition, 67% of Gen Zers globally agree that they “enjoy the feeling of adding a little something extra to my online shopping cart when I’m checking out.”


This survey was conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Rokt from May 1 to May 15, 2023. Survey respondents consisted of 6,023 consumers ages 18-78 across the US, the UK, FranceGermanyAustralia and Japan.

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