Clientshare deliver 500% growth with Business Review tool Pulse in 2022

2022 was a massive year for Clientshare and their customers. They saw huge growth as a business and they’re carrying that momentum with them into 2023.

2022 was a big year for Clientshare and their customers. They saw large growth as a business and they’ve carrying that momentum with them into 2023. Here’s a few of their key milestones.

1. Grown top line revenue by over 70%
In 2022, Clientshare delivered over 70% of year-on-year growth driven largely by the successful use of their Pulse software in several key verticals. In the logistics, contract catering, facilities, and IT services marketplaces they saw significant growth working with some of the world’s leading companies such as CEVA, Compass, ISS and Telefónica Tech.

2. Pulse business growth of over 500%
Pulse grew dramatically in 2022. As a unique software solution with a clear demand, the launch of Pulse was expected to be successful, but they couldn’t have forecasted how quickly and seamlessly enterprise businesses took to using it. They are forecasting significant growth again in 2023.

3. Exciting new signings
In 2022, some of Clientshare’s most important successes saw them secure contracts with market leaders in their respective industries. This included Mitie, Atalian Servest and ISS in the facilities management space, Menzies, SEKO and CEVA in the logistics market and in the contract catering market they continued to support and expand their relationship with Compass Group into new territories.

These enterprise businesses value client reviews. They want to give their clients a world class experience. They need more feedback and a way to measure the health of each relationship. The use of Clientshare dashboards enables leadership to have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening across all their accounts. Pulse is making a real difference to companies’ ability to retain contracts in a challenging market across multiple industries.

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4. Doubled the size of the team
The Clientshare London offices have exploded with new faces in the last 12 months. From additions to product, marketing, sales and customer success.

5. Moved to new offices in City of London
With significant growth as a team came the need for new pastures. The Clientshare London team made the move from the historic streets of Brick Lane to the sleek, glass walled offices of Aldgate Tower.

6. Launched Pulse into North America
Entering new markets is notoriously difficult. Clientshare is happy to share that their first contracts in the facilities, catering, document services and logistics marketplaces have been successful. They expect to grow in 2023 in North America through working with industry leaders such as Xerox, Flagship, SEKO and Guidant Global.

7. Planted over 5,000 trees directly through use of Pulse
As a partner of Ecologi, every time a client fills out and returns a review, Clientshare will plant a tree. In 2022, they planted 5,000 trees. A contribution to the fight against climate change.

8. Built Pulse for Buyers
Working with one of the Big 4 professional services firms, Clientshare have developed a way for Pulse to be used by procurement and suppliers simultaneously. This innovation will allow buyer/supplier relationships to improve with both parties benefiting from the insight and data. This provides clarity regarding opportunity and risk and a unique marketplace offering.

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9. Product updates: Workspaces
With the success of the Pulse tool, it was important for Clientshare to give their customers a way to manage different clients. They created Workspaces so that their customers can easily categorise and cater to their clients delivering the best possible service. They can now change and tailor the questions set for each of their clients depending on which Workspace they belong to. This will increase the range of feedback that they receive. More feedback is better feedback.

10. Product updates: new workflow
In 2022, Clientshare updated the workflow of the Pulse tool. This allowed ease of use, clarity and an optimised user experience. As a user go through the workflow, they can go back a step and make changes all with visibility of where they are in the process and feel more in control of what they are doing.

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