VOCODIA Recruits World-Famous Sales Expert Ben Gay III to Generate Effective Sales Scripts for the Company and its Clients

VOCODIA, a next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales & Customer Service platform, is pleased to announce their partnership with Ben Gay III.

Gay will lead the charge in all sales copy and script writing for the company. Ben is a celebrated author, sales expert and sales trainer who is uniquely positioned to excel in this role. With 50+ years of professional sales experience under his belt, he has been the number one salesperson at every single company where he has worked.

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Gay said, “I am thrilled to join the VOCODIA team in this new role. I am up for the challenge, and all of the people I am working with on the team are excited and highly qualified. So if one is fortunate enough to join VOCODIA as a client, letting us help sell their products or services, I am confident they’ve come to the right place!”

And Brian Podolak, CEO & CoFounder, VOCODIA Holdings Group said, “Ben will be working with the team to create the very best of his well-known, carefully written, well-tested scripts. Each script will provide thoughtful responses to dozens of foreseeable questions as well as a handful of all-encompassing responses that will save time and enhance efficiency for both the company and the caller.

Gay said, “I invented and developed the original call center (and the industry itself) when I opened The National Communications Center in 1976. But VOCODIA is light-years in technology ahead of where we were then. Among many other improvements, it saves on personnel, and it dramatically increases the speed and efficiency.

“But, as with all computers, it also enables people to make mistakes at a must faster pace! And they are being made at a frightening rate throughout the new industry. I am here to help prevent that. The joy here is that I have been at it so long, and know the ins and outs so well, that I have zero doubts that this is going to be yet another huge breakthrough in the call center industry!”

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VOCODIA provides solutions for sales utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence. Recognizing that growth is often limited by resources to increase sales and service, VOCODIA has created and deployed AI Sales Agents who can do effective presentations and close sales . . . as well as manage full customer service operations, even in the most data interactive demand-based industries. All the while providing a full personal experience for actual human customers. And that’s what and where Ben’s experience and expertise will enhance our business.

VOCODIA is impassioned to drive the call center industry forward with novel solutions. Modern consumer expectations have advanced beyond voice-only support to include Artificial Intelligence, mobile applications and social platforms as part of the customer journey. In response, VOCODIA has developed and delivers fast and easy customer engagement across all channels in a way that is personalized, compliant and contextual at every customer touchpoint. Companies are challenged to activate new technology with high-quality talent at an accelerated pace – while simultaneously reducing cost, risk and improving efficiency. VOCODIA provides the solution!

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