Valyant AI Advances Artificial Intelligence At Restaurants For Unmatched Performance

Leveraging large language models — like Open AI’s ChatGPT — the conversational AI platform helps boost efficiencies and cut costs

Valyant AI, a leading provider of AI-powered customer service solutions, has announced the incorporation of language-learning models to enhance its industry-leading artificial intelligence technology for restaurants. This application is set to utilize the latest advancements in LLMs (similar to ChatGPT and Google’s LaMDA) for improving the comprehensiveness of its voice assistant system’s responses, speed and efficiency.

“From improved communication and a broader customer base to uniquely cost-effective customer support and competitive advantage, there are numerous reasons why we are pleased to incorporate LLM technology into our platform,” said Rob Carpenter, CEO of Valyant AI. “This technology allows us to better understand and respond to our customers’ needs, resulting in a more efficient and personalized customer service experience. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible customer service, and incorporating LLM technology is a significant step in consistently achieving that goal.”

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The LLM technology utilized by Valyant AI is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to understand natural language and context in a previously impossible way. This technology has been trained on vast amounts of language data, allowing the platform to provide users with more accurate responses in less time, positively impacting customer satisfaction, reducing wait times and delivering a more efficient user experience overall.

A key distinction of Valyant AI’s usage of LLM technology is that it ensures customer data security and privacy by not sharing that information with any third-party external entities. This level of protection is crucial in maintaining customer trust and building a positive reputation in the industry.

Valyant AI is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in artificial intelligence, and the incorporation of LLM technology is just one example of the company’s ongoing dedication to innovation.

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