Salestable Launches Freemium Version at Collision Conference, Empowering Startups and SMBs to Accelerate Sales Readiness

Salestable is the only purpose-built platform that enables the sales teams at startups and SMBs.

Salestable, the purpose-built platform for sales teams at startups and SMBs, is excited to announce the release of its freemium version at the Collision conference. This new offering aims to help startups and SMBs achieve sales readiness by providing easy and cost-effective access to automated onboarding, training, and activity tracking.

Startups and SMBs often face challenges when it comes to sales enablement, including limited resources and the need for expensive enterprise-specific tools. Salestable addresses these pain points by offering a user-friendly platform that eliminates the need for an IT team or administrator. By leveraging our AI-driven sales readiness platform, founders and sales leaders can track real-time performance, identify areas for improvement, and gain actionable insights to drive sales growth.

“We are thrilled to introduce the freemium version of Salestable at Collision conference. Our decision to launch this offering was driven by feedback from numerous prospects who expressed their desire to start using our platform immediately. Our goal is to fuel our customers’ growth by providing them with the opportunity to experience the value of Salestable right from the start,” said Suresh Madhuvarsu, Co-founder & CEO of Salestable.

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We are thrilled to introduce the freemium version of Salestable at Collision conference. Our decision to launch this offering was driven by feedback from numerous prospects who expressed their desire to start using our platform immediately

With over 4 million SMBs in the US, representing more than 60% of the economic impact on jobs, it is crucial to equip them with the necessary tools to drive revenue and maximize customer impact. Salestable’s mission is to empower sales teams and enable SMBs to thrive in the marketplace by offering innovative solutions that optimize sales processes and deliver exceptional results.
The unique value Salestable brings to its customers includes:

  • Purpose-Built Platform: Salestable is designed specifically for SMBs, focusing on providing the essential features and functionality they need to drive sales success.
  • Rapid Time to Value: With a seamless onboarding process, Salestable ensures that customers can start experiencing value within just two days of signing up.
  • Customer-Centric Innovation: Salestable works closely with its customers to understand their daily challenges and collaborates on delivering impactful solutions that address their unique needs.
  • AI Infusion: Leveraging “pragmatic AI,” Salestable drives desired sales behaviors and provides sales leaders with real-time insights into their team’s activities.

Rob Loranger, Director of Sales Operations at HiTech Plastics & Molds, a leader in the custom plastic injection molding industry, shared his experience with Salestable, stating, “With Salestable, I can ensure that our sales team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of plastic injection molding required to be an effective sales professional. Salestable has become an invaluable tool in empowering our salespeople to deliver exceptional results and maintain close, collaborative relationships with our customers.”

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