One AI Unveils BizGPT, Empowering Brands to Provide Users with Precise Responses Based Solely on their Content

Connect to content, define the tone, and get a GPT agent that provides personalized and precise responses

One AI, a leading name in generative AI for businesses, today announced BizGPT, an innovative tool that equips businesses of all sizes with the ability to swiftly deploy a unique, intelligent conversational assistant. This groundbreaking functionality allows any product, service, or business to provide users with intuitive access to the precise information they need through chat interface.

One AI’s service plunges into complex documents and content, processing unlimited inputs. It restricts its responses to the synced content, diplomatically declining unrelated requests. Connection to a company’s knowledge base is seamless through a One AI collection, enabling the AI to sift through and insert relevant information into interactions. BizGPT integrates with diverse content sources, including knowledge bases, Github repositories, multimedia content, websites, customer service chats, and a range of documents including financial reports, salary slips or invoices. The product ensures accurate, context-sensitive responses, providing source references to uphold transparency. This commitment to ‘alignment to source’ serves as a quality check, ensuring AI outputs remain accurate, prevent misinformation, and retain their relevance and applicability.

“Every business deserves its own GPT, and we truly believe that each business should have the capability to quickly deploy their unique GPT for their users,” said Amit Ben, founder and CEO of One AI. “BizGPT is designed to foster personalized and streamlined interactions, bridging the divide between users and the information they need.”

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“We truly believe that each business should have the capability to quickly deploy their unique GPT for their users,” stated Amit Ben, founder and CEO of One AI”

BizGPT delivers high accuracy and hallucination-free operation. The cost-effective, fully customizable solution is business-ready, offering quick Time-to-Market (TTM), low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), multilingual support, and consistent output. BizGPT prioritizes data privacy and actively prevents biased or harmful content, providing transparent sourcing for each response. Able to process unlimited text sizes, BizGPT supports extended inputs and outputs across text, audio, and video mediums, and can be securely hosted on a business’s own VPC.

The GPT-based assistant’s creation is powered by One AI’s Collections API, which builds a detailed knowledge base for each specific assistant. The API accommodates vast amounts of text, semantically organizing them without the need for configuring vector databases. This knowledge base can then be queried using natural language to supply relevant context for each user inquiry.

The Collections API ensures the AI replies accurately, responds in the correct format, and declines unrelated queries. These features facilitate the formation of precise, reliable responses from the AI. The capacity to manage intricate content and complex queries, while maintaining a consistent and intuitive user experience, underscores the advancements made by One AI.

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