Motion2AI Announces the Launch of MotionInsight, New AI-Driven Warehouse Management Tool

New capabilities build on the company’s existing suite of productivity, safety, and automation solutions

Motion2AI introduced MotionInsight™, its latest innovative solution for warehouse management. The product harnesses data captured by Motion2AI’s MotionKit™ and MotionAPI™ to provide supervisors and managers unmatched visibility into the operations and performance of their warehouses.

MotionInsight™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze warehouse operations data and highlight specific actions to improve productivity and safety. With MotionInsight™, warehouse managers can optimize vehicle management, labor management, inventory strategy, and safety management while highlighting opportunities to apply automation. For each suggested improvement, the solution offers a summary of supporting data. MotionInsight™ gives users new ways to apply warehouse data. Data visualizations and graphics enable performance tracking to support informed decision-making.

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“Warehouse managers and supervisors often have access to raw data, but they struggle to extract meaningful insights that can improve their operations,” said Byungsoo Kim, founder and CEO, Motion2AI. “MotionInsight™ addresses this challenge by using AI to recommend clear distinct projects across all facets of warehouse management.”

MotionInsight™ also offers users an intuitive interface to simplify the warehouse reporting process. Monthly reports that display data on key metrics can be generated with a few keystrokes and shared with team members and stakeholders via email. Users also have easy access to underlying report data in raw format for customized analysis. Automated email notifications ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest data.

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MotionInsight™ is the latest addition to Motion2AI’s MotionOS™ warehouse suite that also includes MotionKit™, MotionStudio™, MotionApp™, and MotionAPI™.

Kim added, “We are continuing to explore how data and AI can provide warehouse managers a granular understanding of their operations. The combination of human and artificial intelligence gives companies an advantage as they pursue greater efficiency, performance, and safety.”

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