Alexis Networks Launches One-Click AIaaS Platform Solving Anomaly Detection at the Speed of Business

Alexis Networks, Inc., announced a breakthrough in AI/ML with the launch of Alexis AI As A Service platform that has One-Click business solutions for the top 2 business problems that every industry is facing – giving business owners to completely eliminate errors, omissions and fraud in data – and enabling businesses to increase profitability faster than ever before.

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With Alexis Lens, the AI As A Service platform from Alexis Networks, businesses across multiple industries (Healthcare – Payor, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation) are now able to use Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) solutions for complex business problems.

By using Alexis Lens, companies at every scale are now able to stream their business data and find anomalies in their data. Traditionally, companies would have to hire expensive AI / ML developers and data scientists. Gone are those days. Alexis finds anomalies and fraud in business data in real-time at fraction of the cost.

“We want to truly democratize AI for companies at every scale. The top 15% of companies have the affordability to hire top talent to develop anomaly detection and anomaly prediction business solutions in house. We wanted to provide this luxury to every business,” said Rick Parimi, Founder and CEO of Alexis Networks.

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In recent years use of chatbots and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) has skyrocketed but these are only providing a fraction of the smart business solutions that we need today. More than 85% of the 5.6 Million US companies do not have the ability to take advantage of the Anomaly Detection solutions. “Use of unsupervised Anomaly Detection solutions that help human investigators visualize patterns is the need of the hour,” according to Forrester Wave. In March 2019Gartner said that “unsupervised AI / ML Models that can process unlabeled data are best suited for identifying anomalies and finding new fraud trends.” Alexis Networks has the perfect solution to this problem across all industries – finding fraud in healthcare claims, predicting retail sales to labor given COVID19, finding credit card fraud and more.

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