AI-Powered Messaging Platform Supercharges Sales Reps and Helps Small and Medium Businesses Increase Revenue

Optiwe is a messaging platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT to enhance the performance of sales representatives in digital channels.

Optiwe announces the launch of new Artificial Intelligence-based features that help salespeople and customer service agents be more effective in their jobs and allow small and medium-sized businesses to increase sales on WhatsApp and other digital channels. The new features arrive at the most opportune time, as the entire market wonders how to use new advances in Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT and DALL-E to improve their sales and customer service processes. Optiwe brings the answer to the market with a platform that doesn’t aim to use Artificial Intelligence to automate the work of salespeople but to enhance their sales productivity on digital channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and others.

Unlike other market solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that can only be used by large corporations due to their high prices, the platform that Optiwe offers is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses from different industries such as car dealerships, real estate, tourism, and e-commerce, who are looking to sell their products and services through WhatsApp and other digital channels.

The platform includes four products that allow teams to increase their sales and customer service productivity: a Chatbot Creator for WhatsApp, a WhatsApp Shared Inbox for connecting Multiple Users and Sales Reps, a CRM for WhatsApp, and a WhatsApp Marketing Software.

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The first product allows users to create Chatbots for WhatsApp, a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to help businesses automate their sales conversations with customers through WhatsApp. With Chatbots, companies can provide quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions from customers, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience.

The second product is WhatsApp Business Multiple Users, which allows multiple salespeople and customer service agents to respond to messages in a Shared WhatsApp Inbox and an organized way. With this tool, businesses can optimize their time and resources since multiple agents can collaborate on customer service in the same platform. With Optiwe’s WhatsApp Multiple Users and Multiple Devices solution, companies can avoid salespeople using their personal mobile numbers, thereby reducing phone costs and keeping the entire conversation history centralized in one place. Optiwe also uses Augmented Intelligence to offer recommended responses that customer service agents can send to customers.

The third product is the CRM for WhatsApp, a tool that will allow businesses to manage and analyze their conversations on WhatsApp effectively and efficiently. This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will enable WhatsApp users to receive, send, and archive messages in an orderly way and with the ability to generate custom reports.

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Lastly, Optiwe also offers a WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows businesses to send bulk WhatsApp messages to their customers or potential customers, with the ability to personalize and automate these messages according to each company’s needs.

According to the Optiwe team, “We are very excited to launch our new features and products to help businesses increase their sales on WhatsApp and improve their customers’ buying experience. We know that WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging platform in the world, and we want to help businesses make the most of this tool and enhance its use with Artificial Intelligence.”

With this launch, Optiwe continues to position itself as a leader in online sales and customer service solutions for WhatsApp, offering businesses new tools to improve their customer service processes, optimize their resources, and increase their sales.

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