Contify’s Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform Helps Global Telecom Leader Drive Digital Transformation

Global telecom company leverages Contify to build a centralized competitive intelligence repository to inform multiple departments

Contify, the one-stop market and competitive intelligence solutions provider, has announced that it deployed its market and competitive intelligence platform to help a global telecom company to build a comprehensive and centralized repository for easy access to competitive intelligence.

The company was looking for a market and competitive intelligence software that could help them:
Build a centralized repository for market and competitive intelligence which could be accessed by their stakeholders in various departments across different intelligence functions and geographies, and which could integrate their paid research reports for easy access.

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“Understanding where your company stands in this mix with other companies, identifying emerging trends, and discovering white spaces is critical to succeed.”
— Mohit Bhakuni – CEO, Contify.

Analyze information and present it in easy-to-consume, visual formats such as overviews and summaries of the industry topics, competitor analysis, analyses of events and trends, word clouds, updates, as well as reports; all of this accessible within powerful and intuitive dashboards.

Track their competitors’ business activities across a large number of categories, as well as relevant industry topics for their digital transformation initiative.

Contify’s market and competitive intelligence platform saved the company 60hrs per month/analyst that was spent in manual collection and organization of competitive intelligence. Earlier the telecom company’s departments were searching for information across multiple data sources and could never find relevant information on time. It was difficult to find information buried deep inside the pages-long PDF reports. Contify integrated these premium data sources into its platform, which was then used as a centralized CI library, helping the company access relevant information easily.

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The Project Manager at the Telecom Company says – “Changing customer demands, and evolving ICT innovations have made the telecom industry far more complex than it was a decade back. Contify’s solution helped us fill in the gaps in our market and competitive intelligence process, and accelerated our global digital transformation initiative considerably. The addition of a centralized repository in our M&CI arsenal, and the integration of paid research reports therein, was a game-changer for us.”

“ Best companies are quickly embracing digital transformation, and expanding into adjacent markets. Understanding where your company stands in this mix with other companies, identifying emerging trends, and discovering white spaces is critical to succeed. This is why telecom companies should utilize competitive intelligence as a compass, one which helps guide them during their digital transformation. A market and competitive intelligence platform like Contify provides organizations with a centralized repository for all their intel, and thus, fosters a data-driven decision-making approach that enables them to compete in this highly-dynamic digital economy. ”, says Mohit Bhakuni – CEO, Contify.

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