ServCloud™ 2017 : An Innovative Omnichannel Cloud-Based Customer Experience Management Solution

Servion Global Solutions, the leading Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions provider, has announced the launch of ServCloud™ 2017 for the Americas Market. The company believes that its latest clolud-based customer experience management solution will fundamentally transform the present reactive customer service ecosystem into a competitive omnichannel marketplace.

ServCloud 2017, powered by Cisco, is the stand-alone Enterprise-level Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) that offers a wide range of capabilities across omnichannel platforms. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, ServCloud™ 2017 helps marketers optimize their operations and customer experience across inbound, outbound, email, social, chat, mobile and web platforms.

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“To survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace where millennials have a shorter time-spans for engagement, it is essential to provide an increasingly digital experience through customer’s choice of channel – voice, web, email, chat, social, or mobile,” said Ashish Koul, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Americas, Servion Global Solutions.

The unified interactive ServCloud™ portal allows customers to scale their marketing campaigns across entire customer journey, unaffected by today’s volatile disruptive marketplace. It provides a powerful, user-friendly interface and self-service dashboard that simplifies the entire administration of contact centers and unified communications. Currently, ServCloudTM Portal offers call center integration with ServCloudTM Email, ServCloudTM Inbound and ServCloudTM Social. Marketers can further enhance their customer experience by utilizing Servion’s IP platforms – ServDesignSM, ServIntuitSM, ServInsightsSM, ServCloudTM, and ServCareSM.

“ServCloudTM delivers on Servion’s vision to transform customer service in the Digital economy by making customer interactions more intuitive, moving from a reactive IVR-based approach to a predictive multi-channel approach,” said Rangarajan Madangopalan, Executive Director and Promoter, Servion Global Solutions.

ServCloudTM 2017 enables enterprises to adapt to the growing customer demands, providing a suite of applications that enables team leads, supervisors and managers to handle multi-channel outbound campaigns. It offers Customer Experience Management solutions through integration with its technology partners – Acqueon Technologies List and Campaign Management (LCM) capabilities. Servion also provides product engineering services in customer experience and collaboration domain to sustain legacy solutions and enhance their productivity by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

According to recent reports on customer experience, more than 80% online buyers are willing to pay more for a product based on their brand interaction. By 2020, customer experience will become the primary brand differentiator, leaving behind price and product features. By launching ServCloud™ in Americas, Servion Global Solutions has given a positive push to this trend.

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