Aprimo Adds New SaaS Capabilities at Scale to Boost Marketing Productivity

Aprimo, the leading marketing productivity software provider, released a series of new features to its existing SaaS suite. Among these additions is the cutting-edge integration capability that will enable marketers to seamlessly connect with their existing marketing stack. Aprimo also announced new updates to its Marketing Productivity framework.

Aprimo’s Scalable Framework Integration

Aprimo is building on its open integration framework by implementing new and expanded APIs, connectors, and plugins, for system-to-system marketing process orchestration. The new integration framework offers marketers the industry’s most powerful way to connect and coordinate their marketing ecosystem. As a result, organizations are experiencing accelerated velocity of campaigns and content into the market, generating increased ROI from the marketing function and higher levels of revenue overall.

In October 2016, Aprimo launched its cross-channel marketing operations platform, available to global customers on Microsoft Azure. Aprimo’s latest update to SaaS and existing PaaS bundles will empower marketers to align their marketing operations across the extended marketing supplier network and ecosystem.

Workflow Management made Easy

Aprimo added Workflow feature to help marketers manage workflow processes intelligently and adjust spontaneously based on the dynamic conditions. The Workflow feature also allows marketers to save the most used purposes and workflows as ‘best-practice’ templates.

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Reallocation of resources in one touch

Aprimo added Resource Planning to enable marketers to juggle their available resources and workforce, accommodating more tasks if required. Moreover, the Resource Planning capability in the SaaS platform plans current and future task capacity based on the current productivity. Managers can reassign tasks and resources between the available personnel using this additional feature.

“CMOs are under constant pressure to deliver more at increased velocity while also demonstrating agility and proving ROI. With Aprimo, marketers are provided with best-in-class capabilities to be more agile and adaptable in today’s complex digital landscape. This means producing more, higher quality campaigns to perform smarter marketing, measure effectiveness and gain more transparency across the entire marketing ecosystem,” said John Stammen, CEO at Aprimo.

“Aprimo is truly the marketer’s system of record to connect and integrate into a unified ecosystem.”

Next Generation Annotations Experience

Aprimo also announced new agile marketing enhancements to its Marketing Productivity product with the evolution of its next generation annotations experience. The Annotations feature now supports the ability to markup video files and review side-by-side annotations, plus enhanced social capabilities. The improvements to its UX provide users with greater transparency, agility, and collaboration when reviewing and approving print, digital and video assets.

Best-in-class cloud solution in 2017

Aprimo’s latest addition to marketing technology capabilities is expected to help marketers adapt to changing business dynamics without compromising on their ability to scale productivity, team size, and budget. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Aprimo could well be a top contender to become the best-in-class cloud solution in 2017.


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