Adobe Set to Redefine Retail Customer Experience with New Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities

Adobe Systems announced a series of new omnichannel marketing capabilities to enable retail merchants to fully personalize customer experience. Adobe’s latest innovations will make the purchasing process easier for consumers by virtue of an intuitive platform built on AI, deep learning, and machine learning capabilities. The new additions and integrations were announced at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) ‘The Big Show 2017’ event, held in San Jose, CA.

Adobe Systems released new capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign with Dreamweaver to power marketing automation and personalization across multiple channels. Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social, and Adobe Media Optimize also made their way into the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite. The new innovative capabilities are readily available with existing Adobe Marketing Cloud suite.

Quick Snapshot of Latest Additions to Adobe Marketing Cloud

Enriched Customer Experience with Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager has been created to deliver ‘Fluid Experience for Retail’. It is a comprehensive content management platform to build retail websites, mobile apps and forms, churning responsive, relevant and social content across website and mobile. The retailer can optimize marketing campaigns based on the channel using AEM. Built as a customer-centric capability within Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, AEM is a powerful technology to engage customer across omnichannel platforms, generating extended LTV and brand loyalty.

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Adobe Sensei

Officially launched in November 2016, Adobe Sensei is an AI-driven platform that ubiquitously combines Adobe Marketing Cloud with machine learning and deep learning technologies. Adobe Sensei can be readily integrated with Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud, creating meaningful digital experiences based on contextual results.

Adobe Sensei in Adobe Marketing Cloud will deliver retail-centric features –

  • Attribution to measure impact of multiple touchpoints on consumer journey, enabling marketers to measure effectiveness of each brand campaign accurately
  • Personalization in audience engagement based on customer’s likeness and preference towards particular discounts, offers, and messages
  • Audience Segmentation to provide marketers new visibility into overlapping or adjacent segments to acquire customers more effectively
  • Anomaly and Sentiment Analytics to predict the behavior of the customer towards content, driving more likes, shares, and comments
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Additionally, Adobe Sensei in Adobe Marketing Cloud will also provide capabilities like –

  • Automated Insights for Digital Advertisers
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Lookalike Modeling Capabilities

Email marketing for retailers synced with Adobe Campaign

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Adobe Campaigns is a one-stop destination for marketers to build, personalize and deliver campaigns across online and offline channels. Retailers can now integrate their email campaigns with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Dreamweaver, creating fully personalized email designs. Email designs created in Adobe Dreamweaver for a particular campaign can be automatically synced with Campaign, reducing the pain of coding, personalizing and delivering emails in one go.

New and Existing B2B Commerce Partnerships

In a bid to revolutionize retail platform by creating enriched customer experiences and enhancing brand interactions across omnichannel, Adobe Systems announced few partnerships too. At NRF 2017, Adobe revealed its partnerships with Memomi, commercetools and Valtech. Adobe will be expanding its existing partnership model with Magneto, and Symphony Commerce to unify digital and in-store retail experiences.

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Retail Shopping Experience in 2017

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Today’s marketers are leveraging latest marketing technologies to personalize the customer experience. The biggest challenge in digital marketing is delivering a consistent personalized omnichannel customer experience that guarantees maximum ROI. Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the most preferred integrated marketing solutions to optimize omnichannel marketing solutions. In October 2016, Adobe released its insights on digital shopping experience, clearly highlighting the power of creating personalized customer experience across omnichannel platforms.

Adobe Marketing Cloud, therefore, becomes an expansive retail integration platform that can help retailers to derive highest ROI from content, marketing promotions and personalization capabilities across multiple touchpoints and devices. It is evident that Adobe’s latest partnerships and expanded capabilities will drive omnichannel personalization strategies in 2017.

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