Zylo Expands Its SAP Concur Partnership, Launches Its SaaS Management Platform as an SAP Concur Endorsed App

The platform’s integration with SAP Concur solutions delivers visibility into an organization’s SaaS spend to help enable cost optimization, reduce organizational risk and maximize the ROI of every software subscription.

Zylo, which provides a global, leading enterprise SaaS Management and optimization platform of the same name, announced today an expanded SAP Concur partnership. Integrated with Concur Expense, Zylo is now available on SAP Concur App Center in the SAP Concur Endorsed Apps category.

SAP Concur App Center offers 270+ partner applications that connect to and enhance SAP Concur solutions, enabling businesses to optimize travel and spend management programs. SAP Concur Endorsed Apps are a category of solutions reserved for partners with established customer success or within rapidly growing solution areas and industries.

“By strengthening our SAP Concur partnership, we’re amplifying the reach of our platform which gives businesses a streamlined way to uncover and manage all of their SaaS purchases.”

“By strengthening our SAP Concur partnership, we’re amplifying the reach of our platform which gives businesses a streamlined way to uncover and manage all of their SaaS purchases,” said Ben Pippenger, Zylo cofounder and Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer. “Zylo helps you bring your organization’s Shadow IT out of the dark – because you can’t manage and optimize what you can’t see. We are proud to be offered as an SAP Concur endorsed app, and are dedicated to helping companies organize, optimize and orchestrate their SaaS to unlock the full value of those investments.”

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SAP Concur Endorsed Apps are premium certified by SAP Concur with added security and in-depth testing. By integrating Zylo’s AI-powered Discovery Engine with Concur Expense, organizations can benefit from added visibility into their SaaS purchases to optimize SaaS spend and mitigate risk.

“Zylo’s integration with SAP Concur solutions has enabled us to easily discover and act on our Shadow IT,” said Renee Turco, Manager of Technology Asset Management, AbbVie. “In the past seven months, we’ve been able to cut the amount of SaaS purchases coming in through expense channels by half and cancelled nearly 60 applications that were purchased outside of our corporate policy. Because of the full visibility into our centralized purchase data that Zylo and Concur Expense provide, we’re making great strides to reduce unnecessary cost and risk.”

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SaaS spend is often misclassified within expense systems and reimbursed by organizations without understanding if they are truly needed or if compliances goals are met. According to Zylo’s 2022 SaaS Management Index, nearly 1 in every 5 employees expenses SaaS tools and more than 55% of all SaaS applications identified by the Zylo Discovery Engine are not attributed as software purchases.

“As SaaS purchasing continues to become more decentralized and happen through expense channels, the ability to uncover and find all of your SaaS spend has never been more important,” said Samantha Griffin, Sourcing Manager, Genesys. “Zylo’s integration with Concur Expense gives us visibility into those purchases to keep Genesys protected. We can ensure we get the terms and conditions, MSAs, securities and people in place to ensure these applications return value to the business.”

By ingesting and analyzing financial transaction data using a suite of patent-pending matching algorithms, Zylo powers comprehensive discovery and continuous monitoring of SaaS applications. By comparing and categorizing all financial transactions from Concur Expense against the Zybrary, Zylo’s proprietary library comprised of nearly 20,000 applications and related transaction information, Zylo identifies all SaaS applications within an organization’s SaaS portfolio.

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