Workato and Kofax’s Ephesoft Transact Enable Rapid End-to-End Process Automation

Launches Ready-to-Configure Connector in Workato App Directory

Workato, a leading enterprise automation platform, is teaming with Kofax, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation, to help expedite process automation for businesses and government organizations. Organizations can gain document intelligence and true data interoperability to power their businesses, resulting in cost and resource savings.

Available directly in the Workato App, Kofax’s Ephesoft Transact connector is highly flexible and scalable; providing a platform to capture, classify and extract data from any physical or digital document within minutes. The new integration with Workato enables end-to-end automation making the data instantly accessible in other business systems. Data can seamlessly flow to hundreds of leading enterprise systems, including SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Infor, Slack, and Box, enabling faster implementations and scale.

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“As Workato continues to build out the largest Connector Library in the Enterprise Automation space, partnering with a leader such as Kofax is exciting for our customers and the industry as a whole”

“Kofax’s Ephesoft Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and Workato’s Enterprise Automation Platform will help organizations automate processes using unreliable and unstructured data,” says Ike Kavas, Senior Vice President of AI & Innovation of Ephesoft at Kofax. “Our IDP platform automates document-centric processes and delivers accurate data to any application, which will be fast and easy using Workato’s platform. Our goal is to help our customers and partners simplify and accelerate their automation efforts, which is what our partnership with Workato is all about.”

The combination of IDP with Enterprise Automation offers many advantages to organizations that want to digitally transform their department-level processes and improve operations throughout the company by connecting all systems with the right data. This modern approach to intelligent process automation focuses on the way systems and applications interact rather than replicating manual human workflows.

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“As Workato continues to build out the largest Connector Library in the Enterprise Automation space, partnering with a leader such as Kofax is exciting for our customers and the industry as a whole,” says Markus Zirn, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Workato. “Partnering with a company that prioritizes structured, actional data as the foundation for successful digital transformation is at the core of what Workato does – providing substantial and proven solutions for our community. We’re proud to team with Kofax to help organizations quickly send extracted document data to other enterprise systems and workflows.”

With Workato’s low/no-code platform and the pre-built packaged integration connector, citizen developers and Kofax’s Ephesoft partners can implement and leverage the technology within days, saving money and resources and resulting in faster time-to-value. In addition, it reduces dependencies on RPA bots which lowers complexity and eliminates bot errors while minimizing system maintenance costs.

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