VanillaSoft Strengthens Integrations with Salesforce, Zapier, Chorus

Integrations offer customers seamless access to functionality within the VanillaSoft platform

VanillaSoft, a leading sales engagement technology company, today announced that they have enhanced their integrations with Salesforce, Zapier, and Chorus.

Customers rely on VanillaSoft’s sales engagement platform to power their outreach capabilities, prospect engagement, and win rates. Integrations with other key software allows users to automate everyday tasks and create a powerful synergy between the applications – making the workday more efficient and productive.

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Salesforce Integration

Over the past year, VanillaSoft has enhanced the real-time, bi-directional information sharing with Salesforce. When SDR teams engage leads in VanillaSoft, updates are immediately transferred to Salesforce, ensuring immediate follow-up by account executives. Reliable, up-to-date information in each system allows managers to leverage Salesforce reports for end-to-end sales reporting from one dashboard.

Zapier Integration

VanillaSoft’s integration with Zapier simplifies app integration by providing a simple, graphical user interface for connecting two or more applications. Users can easily connect VanillaSoft to hundreds of other applications without the need for assistance from technical resources within the organization, making setup and management easier.

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Chorus Integration

Chorus is a conversation intelligence platform that automatically records, accurately transcribes, and analyses recordings in real-time. The integration between VanillaSoft and Chorus enables VanillaSoft customers to pass call recordings directly to Chorus. Users can then access the Chorus analyses directly from within VanillaSoft and utilize this information for follow-up, or for sales rep onboarding and coaching.

“VanillaSoft helps SMB sales teams in real-world industries to enhance their sales capabilities and productivity – enabling them to increase their outreach and close more deals,” said David Hood, CEO of VanillaSoft. “By establishing relationships and enhancing integrations with other key technologies that our customers rely on within their sales organizations, we are working to make their sales processes more seamless, and ultimately are helping them to ensure their sales success.”

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