Staytuned Acquires Kiwi, a Size Chart and Recommender App for Shopify Merchants

Staytuned has completed the formalities to acquire Kiwi, the leading size chart and size recommender app for Shopify merchants.

Staytuned, the software company that provides a suite of revenue-growth tools for Shopify merchants, has completed the acquisition of Kiwi, a Shopify app that helps brands create size charts and size recommenders in minutes.

“Between marketing costs rising, supply chain timelines increasing, product margins are getting tightly pinched. We turned to what features are in the control of merchants to protect margin—and we found Kiwi. The app allows merchants to create custom size charts and size recommenders for their product assortment.

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Kiwi is the top sizing app for Shopify merchants that increases sales and decreases returns. We’re elated to have acquired it. — Lauralynn Drury, VP of Digital Experience, Staytuned

Custom size charts are a three-way win,

  • Accurate and product-specific size charts increase customer confidence and improve conversion rate from the PDP.
  • Helpful size guidance helps customers select the right size, and reduce the return rate.
  • Kiwi leverages built-in Shopify tagging and collection logic, to help merchants save time adding the right size charts to each product. Plus, Kiwi helps lower the number of emails and chats from customers, saving even more time.

The merchant base for Kiwi is impressive, including brands like Wild One, BCBG, Scalpers, Rollie Nation, Talentless and more. The set-up is a breeze—any merchant can get this installed, customized, and live in just a few minutes,” said Lauralynn Drury, VP of Experience at Staytuned.

Staytuned currently serves 19,000 ecommerce merchants across its portfolio of apps. The mission of the company is to enable merchants to unlock efficient and scalable growth using user-friendly tools—Kiwi was a clear fit.

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“Kiwi was motivated by my personal experience of selling clothing on Shopify, where inaccurate sizing could majorly impact my sales and conversions. It was purpose-built to solve this ubiquitous pain point of online shopping for Shopify merchants by enabling their customers to find the right sizes within seconds. The app has become the go-to solution for solving the sizing challenges on Shopify. We are excited to partner with StayTuend to further our mission to enable Shopify merchants across the world to become more productive and successful.,” said Sam Chuang, Founder of Kiwi, who’s currently working on a new ecommerce S&OP solution.

Kiwi started in November of 2018 with the mission to help Shopify merchants capture additional revenue by recommending the right size to their customers without any hassle. The best part is the size recommender where you simply enter your body dimensions and the app tells you the appropriate size automatically.

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