SalesScreen Stands Out in the Summer G2 Report

See how SalesScreen stacks up in sales gamification, coaching, and sales performance management.

The summer G2 reports are out and once again SalesScreen is a top company in sales gamification, coaching, and sales performance management. For 6 quarters and counting, they have been leading the sales gamification and sales performance management categories. So let’s dive into the data.

This quarter, SalesScreen has continued to rise higher in sales gamification, sales coaching, enterprise solutions, and sales performance management. For yet another quarter, they were named a leader in sales gamification and a high performer for performance management. They were also highest-rated for enterprise scalability and likelihood to recommend across multiple categories.

Thank you to all our partners for reviewing us on G2! The whole CSM team is thrilled to know that we have been named as the most likely to recommend sales gamification leader!”

— Dana Mirabella, SalesScreen VP of Customer Success

“Thank you to all our partners for reviewing us on G2! The whole CSM team is thrilled to know that we have been named as the most likely to recommend sales gamification leader! We pride ourselves on our service to our clients, and hearing your responses has been amazing! We look forward to working with our clients and building even better relationships in the future,” said Dana Mirabella, SalesScreen VP of Customer Success.

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Here are a few of their ratings from the summer G2 release:

– 98% Likelihood to Recommend
– 93% Product Going in the Right Direction
– 93% Meets Requirements
– 93% Ease of Admin
– 97% Ease of Doing Business With
– 97% Quality of Support
– 92% Ease of Setup
– 92% Ease of Use
– 94 Net Promoter Score

Sales Gamification
Quarter over quarter, SalesScreen has focused on scalability and ease of implementation. This is directly reflected in the G2 data, with users ranking them #1 in enterprise scalability and user, role, and access management among all gamification leaders. 97% of buyers said they were likely to recommend SalesScreen to other potential customers, which is a direct reflection of the ease of use of their product. Not only did they rank highest in average user adoption rate among leaders, but they were also the highest-rated platform for performance and reliability. They also ranked highly across the boards from enterprise clients to small companies.

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Sales Performance Management
SalesScreen is constantly looking for ways to simplify dashboards, data visualization, and competitions. They have high user satisfaction rankings across the board, including a 98% Likelihood to Recommend, 93% Product Going in Right Direction rating, 93% Meets Requirements, 93% Ease of Admin, 97% Ease of Doing Business With, 97% Quality of Support, 92% Ease of Setup, 92% Ease of Use, and a 94 Net Promoter Score. They are also the top leader in dashboard personalization, sitting at a 98% satisfaction rating, and ranking at or above 92% for badges, triggers, and leaderboards.

Sales Coaching
Coaching is extremely important for sales teams, and SalesScreen has built a competitive coaching module. With satisfaction ratings sitting at 92% or above across the board, their sales coaching continues to be one of the highest-rated by users. Most notably, 97% of users were likely to recommend them for coaching, and 100% of reviewers felt like they were heading in the right direction. Their sales coaching satisfaction ratings included 94% Review approval, 97% scorecard rating, 100% leaderboard rating, 94% real-time update functionality, 95% notification capability, and 96% competition satisfaction.

We encourage people who work with or have worked with SalesScreen in the past to review them, and any other tech company on G2 here.

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