Klaviyo Announces Partnership and Integration With Commercetools

Seamless integration empowers businesses to leverage customer data to fuel targeted and personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns

Klaviyo, an intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform for B2C businesses, today announced it has partnered and built an integration with commercetools. This integration is a significant achievement for businesses who would have traditionally needed to build a custom integration from scratch if they wanted to integrate commercetools with Klaviyo, requiring development resources and time. Instead, Klaviyo has done the work for them, making it easier for businesses to customize the integration as needed, and getting them up and running with Klaviyo quickly to drive personalized communications, foster stronger customer relationships, and increase sales.

The Klaviyo-commercetools integration, which is available today, includes an open-source connector that contains the necessary code, logic, and instructions for deploying a solution on the cloud of your choice. It syncs real-time and historical data from commercetools Composable Commerce into Klaviyo, providing access to customer, product, and order records. The integration is highly flexible, allowing you to configure the code to meet your business’s unique needs. Additionally, the integration offers guidance for syncing onsite metrics into Klaviyo, regardless of the frontend solution you use.

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“More and more businesses are embracing composable commerce as they look for modular approaches that empower them to customize their commerce experiences,” said Rich Gardner, SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo. “However, building custom integrations requires extensive development resources and time. This integration takes care of that – ensuring that businesses can seamlessly connect and utilize their customer data, and see results – quickly, and easily.”

Combined with Klaviyo’s out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs, the integration allows businesses to aggregate customer data from across their tech stack, providing a single source of truth for every customer. As businesses grow, Klaviyo’s powerful data infrastructure scales with them, allowing them to unify profile and event data in a single system-of-record and engage with their customers across digital channels, such as email, SMS and push.

As commerce technology evolves, many businesses are turning away from using traditional, single-tiered software applications in favor of composable commerce, giving brands the flexibility to build their ecommerce tech stack with best-of-breed solutions that fit their unique business needs. It also enables greater agility so businesses can roll out new features, functionality, and customer experiences at a faster rate than ever before, like adding a new customer touchpoint or creating new product variations and discounts with ease.

​​“We’re excited about the new partnership with Klaviyo based on our shared value of helping brands deliver outstanding customer experiences through flexible, customizable, and powerful personalization at scale,” said Christopher Holley, Global Director, ISV Partnerships, commercetools. “Our partnership will further empower brands to execute commerce strategies that drive sustainable long term growth and maximize the lifetime value of their best customers.”

Businesses are already seeing strong results from using Klaviyo and commercetools. “With Klaviyo and commercetools, we finally have a functioning abandoned cart flow,” said Lucy Parker, Channel and Marketing Manager at Cargo Crew. “Not only has this helped us increase conversions, it’s also helped customers easily reclaim their cart and improved the shopping experience.”

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