Everstream Analytics, Kearney, and the World Economic Forum Launch Global Value Chain Barometer to Increase Supply Chain Resilience, Agility, and Sustainability

Collaboration Provides Monthly Predictive Outlook on Global Geopolitical, Technological, and Climate Risk Megatrends to Shape the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains

Everstream Analytics, the global supply chain insights and risk analytics company, announced that its proprietary data is featured in the World Economic Forum’s Value Chain Barometer in collaboration with Kearney, to help manufacturing and supply chain companies and governments anticipate and navigate supply chain risk and disruption.

Global value chains have become increasingly unstable due to ongoing disruptive forces, including climate change, pandemics, and geopolitical tensions. The resulting negative impact on manufacturing and production creates a ripple effect on economies, people, and humanitarian efforts. The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Kearney, developed The Resiliency Compass, a framework to help manufacturing organizations build and scale resilience around eight dimensions. To provide manufacturing and supply chain executives with a regular update on disruption levels and related leading strategies around the Compass, the World Economic Forum has worked with its community to devise the Global Value Chain Barometer.

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“Some of the most significant operational failures are caused by disruptive events occurring deep within the value chain”

The Global Value Chain Barometer provides an overview of the most impactful disruptions and a strategic outlook for the coming six months to support value chain actors in identifying potential vulnerabilities, selecting the appropriate strategies to proactively build long-term resilience as well as informing the long-term imperative that would help businesses and policymakers’ future proof value chains. Based on a monthly analysis of billions of data points provided by Everstream, disruptive events are identified through artificial intelligence before being evaluated and enriched by Everstream’s risk analysts. The barometer organizes data by type of risk event, geographical scope, expected disruptive impact, and severity of the disruption. The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Kearney, conducted interviews with senior executives from various industries to discuss and refine the Global Value Chain Barometer’s content and format.

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“Some of the most significant operational failures are caused by disruptive events occurring deep within the value chain,” said Julie Gerdeman, CEO of Eversteam Analytics. “The ability to visualize and anticipate risk within today’s complex, interconnected, and often opaque supply networks is a mission- and business-critical imperative. Everstream is proud to work alongside Kearney and WEF to equip companies and governments with greater visibility into risk and disruption levels to protect and strengthen value chains worldwide.”

Francisco Betti, Head of the Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains Platform at the World Economic Forum, added: “The Global Value Chain Barometer is an accessible way for manufacturing and supply chain executives to get up to speed on current disruptions and identify the right strategies along the dimensions of The Resiliency Compass to address the challenges of the immediate future. We trust that it will support manufacturers around the globe to continuously adapt to a dynamic landscape and proactively build resilience.”

“Leading companies that are differentiating and winning in today’s volatile business environment make it their second nature to understand disruptions, proactively address vulnerabilities, and ensure that resilience is the cornerstone of their strategies. The Global Value Chain Barometer will serve as one more resource to help them to take these crucial steps,” said Per Hong, Partner in Kearney’s Strategic Operations practice and lead of the Kearney & WEF collaboration in manufacturing.

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