Gong App for Zoom Meetings Now Available

Enables revenue teams to focus on their virtual sales meetings while taking accurate notes, which are then analyzed for follow-up actions and productivity improvements

Gong, the revenue intelligence platform leveraging artificial intelligence to transform revenue teams, today announced the general availability of the Gong app for Zoom, delivering enhanced capabilities for sales professionals using Zoom meetings.

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The app more closely aligns the capabilities of Zoom, a leading provider of video communications, with Gong’s powerful revenue intelligence capabilities. The app is available now in the Zoom App Marketplace which hosts 1,400+ third-party integrations that extend the power of Zoom’s industry-leading video communications platform.

Virtual meetings are here to stay. More than 75 percent of buyers and sellers prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions, according to a McKinsey & Company survey about changes brought on by Covid-19. Only 20 percent of B2B buyers hope to return to in-person sales, according to the survey.  The challenge is that sales professionals often switch applications when taking notes in virtual meetings, diverting attention from what customers are saying.

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The Gong app solves this challenge and more by enabling users to take notes and collaborate in real time while in Zoom meetings without switching applications. The app also timestamps moments in the call where the notes are relevant. In addition, note-takers can tag colleagues, notifying them with a link to the point in the meeting where feedback is needed. All this information is made available within Gong which analyzes this and other data to offer insights regarding how to optimize customer interactions.

“The new Gong app takes two tools that sales pros find invaluable today – Gong and Zoom – and makes them even more useful,” said Chief Product Officer of Gong, Eilon Reshef. “We’re enabling revenue professionals to stay engaged in customer conversations by plugging into their daily workflow.”

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