Cognistx Data Scientists Deliver Their Latest Innovation, Revolutionizing Supply Chain Routes and Order Management

Webinar on March 23 to show how AI and machine learning optimize last-mile delivery by predicting customer preferences and routing vehicles accordingly.

Cognistx, a provider of AI business products and bespoke solutions, will host AI-Powered Supply Chain Optimization: Revolutionize Routes and Orders, a free webinar, at 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 23.

With global supply chain networks undergoing unprecedented challenges, Cognistx developed the Data Quality Engine (DQE) to help companies optimize delivery routes and order management. The Data Quality Engine saves employees thousands of hours, preventing them from making unnecessary deliveries and scheduled service visits based on inaccurate data. In the process, companies save millions.

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During the one-hour webinar, Cognistx data scientists and product managers will demonstrate how their AI solution optimizes service routes, corrects order errors and delivers enhanced predictions, reporting and customer service.

“The Data Quality Engine gives companies greater control, detecting and correcting inaccuracies and outdated information automatically,” said Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra. “By fixing inaccuracies, companies can enhance almost every area of their operations.”.

Here are some of the operational efficiencies the DQE delivers for companies that manage and rely on supply chains:

• Route optimization
• Order-optimization reduction in inefficient deliveries
• Reduction in unnecessary customer service visits
• Prevention of commodity depletion
• Improved customer service
• Better strategic options

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