Landing AI Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Dan Maloney

Expanding Team Amasses Expertise to Unleash Transformative Power of Computer Vision in more Industries

Landing AI, a provider of software that makes computer vision easy, announced that Dan Maloney has joined as Chief Operating Officer.

Maloney is a former CEO and experienced entrepreneur with a passion for leading and growing companies that result in meaningful outcomes. This makes him a perfect fit for Landing AI as it drives to democratize access to AI to more companies and industries as they deploy computer vision to improve and optimize key business processes.

Landing AI Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Dan Maloney

The mission of Landing AI, under the leadership of AI pioneer Andrew Ng, is to democratize access to AI, starting with computer vision. Using Landing AI’s data-centric approach which focuses on good data, not big data, Landing AI has unleashed the power of the technology so even companies with limited datasets can benefit.

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Formerly CEO for Zepl, Maloney brings 20 years of high tech experience as a strategic and operational leader for startups and large, multinational enterprises. His expertise in AI-powered analytics as CEO of Perspica, which he sold to Cisco, combined with his enterprise experience at SAP, provides him with a full and unique view of how industries operate and can use computer vision to create better products, faster.

“Dan brings deep leadership experience taking AI products to huge numbers of users. Landing AI provides software that makes computer vision easy, and Dan’s expertise makes him uniquely qualified to help drive our goal of spreading this technology and democratizing access to AI,” said Andrew Ng, CEO of Landing AI.

Landing AI’s flagship product, LandingLens, enables companies to successfully handle a myriad of computer vision projects, and makes it easy for users to acquire and label data, ensure data quality, train models, deploy in production, and drive a process of continuous improvement. The software platform is fast and intuitive, enabling teams of all skill levels to build deep learning models.

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“Andrew is the leading AI visionary and the opportunity to work with him and the brilliant Landing AI team to infuse industries with the power of AI is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Maloney. “We will accelerate Landing AI’s growth into new verticals and use cases as computer vision helps transform industries, and I look forward to bringing operational excellence to Landing AI as we prepare for hyper growth and global scaling.”

In June, Landing AI announced the launch of LandingEdge, a new deployment application within LandingLens. With LandingEdge, manufacturers will more easily deploy deep learning visual inspection solutions to edge devices on the factory floor to better and more consistently detect product defects.

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