CloudShare Adds Microsoft Azure Access to Accelerate Enterprise Virtual Training and Sales Enablement

Business acceleration cloud leader enables interactive SaaS training and sales enablement with Azure for greater flexibility, purpose-built power and faster results

CloudShare, the business acceleration cloud company, today announced enhanced accessibility of its virtual IT labs with connection to Microsoft Azure. As a result, enterprises can now easily spin up CloudShare on top of Microsoft’s public cloud, allowing users and prospects to immediately leverage powerful, purpose-built SaaS solutions for training, sales enablement, sandboxing and support, as well as Azure’s full resources.

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CloudShare provisions environments on Azure on demand and at any scale, supported by defined user and machine controls, advanced analytics and reporting. It helps companies deliver complex demos, proofs of concept (PoCs) and training, replicating real-world experiences without compromising time to market. It accelerates growth by automating the setup of environments, while providing visibility into, and control over, usage.

Michal Frenkel, vice president of product at CloudShare, said, “Public cloud is a preferred option for many enterprises modernizing their infrastructure. We boost their capabilities by providing automation and scale, no matter if an application is on-prem or already in the cloud. It’s the best of both worlds; users leverage Azure’s resources and tools, while also enjoying CloudShare’s automation, governance and functionality.”

CloudShare’s virtual labs accelerate time to value. Typical customers include large security and technology enterprises that need to deliver hands-on, real-world experiences. Complex scenarios are easily replicated and environments spun up in seconds. Self-paced, instructor-led training and events can handle groups of all sizes. Organizations can provide powerful sales demos and PoCs with greater efficiency and speed. And not only are cycles compressed, but enterprises can track and analyze engagement to shed light on user behavior, continually boosting performance and increasing ROI.

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With CloudShare, environments are isolated so each user can have their own. Resource management capabilities also enable tighter, simpler control. Environments are protected whether they’re created natively on the platform, Azure, on premise or a hybrid combination. 

CloudShare easily integrates with core learning management systems to strengthen training and plays well with key business software. It also offers multi-language support and built-in functionality to help with budget control. This includes environment sensing, auto suspend, and a quota control management module that allows precise limits to be set.  

A few highlights provided by access to Azure with CloudShare include:

  • Instant access to all Azure cloud features;
  • Ability to train large numbers of students using the Azure platform;
  • Transparent access to Azure VMs directly from the CloudShare Viewer, as well as access to Azure’s Portal to practice in real-world scenarios;
  • Enables full CloudShare virtual instructor led capabilities, including over-the-shoulder and zoom-in capabilities to provide assistance; and
  • Tracking of PoC progress in real-time and understanding of prospect usage trends.

CloudShare provides comprehensive support for Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company is continually exploring ways to ensure customers have the most flexible, specialized cloud options available for accelerating business.

In an exclusive share with SalesTechStar, Michal Frenkel, vice president of product at CloudShare commented, “With CloudShare, enterprises gain great optionality to enhance their training and sales capabilities by leveraging the public cloud of their choice. The ability to provision environments on Azure–quickly, easily and at any scale–ensures companies can deliver complex demonstrations and proofs of concept to accelerate their businesses.”

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