Uberflip and PFL Partner to Offer Customers ABM Direct Mail Experiences at Scale

Leading Content Experience Platform and Tactile Marketing Automation Solution Solidify Partnership To Enable Marketers to Combine Direct Mail and Digital Experiences to Boost ROI of ABM Campaigns

Uberflip, the leading content experience platform provider, announced its partnership with PFL, a tactile sales enablement and marketing automation solution. The partnership combines the benefits of direct mail with digital content destinations, enabling marketers to create unique ABM experiences fuelled by content that engage customers and drives prospects through the sales funnel faster.

From the creation of personalized streams of content with account-specific CTAs, branding, and custom messaging, marketers are able to drive their target accounts to digital destinations that encourage action by connecting them with engaging and relevant content from the get-go. Furthermore, the partnership aligns sales and marketing teams in strategy by enabling marketers to build integrated campaigns that create memorable follow-up experiences for sales reps.

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“This partnership ensures that customers and prospects are consuming tactile pieces with a matching digital experience. In doing so, it strengthens marketing and sales teams’ approach to attracting and engaging prospects both on and offline,” said Uberflip’s Head of Channels, Craig Varljen. “Being able to deliver data-fueled personalized experiences across multiple channels is the key to winning deals and building brand loyalty in a customer-first era, and our partnership with PFL will enable marketers to do just that at scale.”

Uberflip and PFL work together by automating direct mail campaigns based on Uberflip content triggers that use intent and behavior data for timely communication. Made easy for marketers, it allows them to create digital destinations for direct mail assets, create event-based triggers to automate direct mail sends to target accounts, and then track engagement and optimize campaigns in real-time.

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Shared customer, Digital Pi, is using the partnership to boost content engagement tailored to their target accounts. “Uberflip has been an essential part of the way we enhance our audience’s content experience. Using Uberflip and PFL together has allowed us to expand our own ABM initiatives while extending the services that we offer our clients,” said Digital Pi’s EVP, Jeff Coveney.

“For years, we have been teaching our customers the value of a personalized content experience through direct mail, and now, thanks to the experience makers over at Uberflip, we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a personalized content experience that begins way before that FedEx box hits their desk,” said Marne Reed, Chief Evangelism Officer, PFL. “With Uberflip and PFL, you’re able to start a personalized content experience through your site, then utilize that data to create a tactile send that is personable, memorable, and in sync with what they experienced on your site. Talk about a winning content experience.”

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