Emplifi Helps Freshpet Streamline Customer Engagement Strategies, Reducing Call Volumes By Nearly 40%

The pet food supplier saw an immediate drop in the amount of time spent answering customer inquiries, allowing the brand’s consumer care team to focus on high-priority initiatives

Emplifi, a leading customer engagement platform, today announced the Emplifi Service Cloud has made a significant impact on pet food supplier Freshpet’s customer care initiatives, improving outcomes and driving a more streamlined CX strategy. After implementing Emplifi Service Cloud, Freshpet’s consumer care team was able to reduce customer call volumes by nearly 40%, decrease wait times to speak with a live agent by 29%, and deliver a 97% match-rate for inquiries answered by Emplifi’s AI-powered chatbot technology.

Freshpet Director of Consumer Care Lisa Diehl knew that building trust with Freshpet’s target audience was key to developing long-lasting customer relationships. To exceed customer expectations, Diehl knew her team needed a customer engagement solution that allowed them to provide clear and transparent communications across all channels. Emplifi Service Cloud enabled the team to streamline their customer communication strategies, providing an intuitive dashboard that made it easy to track and respond to all customer inquiries regardless of the channel.

“So many CX teams are struggling to keep up with customer demands. Brands need customer engagement solutions that help them do more with less, while giving them the power to meet every customer where they are”

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Within three months of implementing Emplifi Service Cloud, Freshpet saw remarkable gains:

  • After implementing the Emplifi chatbot (which Freshpet endearingly named “Scout”), 97% of customer inquiries that came in through the automated chat function on Freshpet’s website were correctly answered in real-time without input from the consumer care team.
  • With so many customer inquiries handled via Emplifi’s chatbot technology, Freshpet saw a 39% drop in the number of calls their consumer care agents had to respond to. While the chatbot took care of any inquiries that could be easily answered by “Scout,” the consumer care team was able to focus on high-priority consumer issues that needed a human touch.
  • In addition to reduced call volumes, Freshpet saw a 29% drop in wait times for customers whose inquiries required a live consumer care agent.

“The Emplifi Service Cloud has been a complete game-changer for my team. We’ve been able to open up all of our digital channels—social, SMS and text, as well as our chat function—and fully integrate each channel into our CX strategy. It has increased productivity, enabled deeper relationships with our customer base, and vastly improved our workflow processes,” said Diehl, “Because of Emplifi Service Cloud—and its AI-powered tech capabilities—we are not only performing at a much higher rate, we have laid the groundwork to scale our customer engagement efforts as the Freshpet brand continues to grow. Customers trust us and that trust is showing up in our CX reports and revenue numbers.”

With Emplifi’s help, Freshpet’s consumer care team is now able to manage several chats at once. They also have complete visibility into customer conversations happening across their social channels all from one platform.

“So many CX teams are struggling to keep up with customer demands. Brands need customer engagement solutions that help them do more with less, while giving them the power to meet every customer where they are,” said Zarnaz Arlia, CMO, Emplifi. “We designed the Emplifi Service Cloud to help brands build deeper, meaningful relationships with their customers. Freshpet’s omni-channel approach within their customer care strategies is a shining example of what can be accomplished when you have access to business-critical tools that help bridge the gap between marketing, commerce and customer care.”

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