SalesTechStar Interview with James Heller, CEO & Co-founder at Wrapify

Focus on your performance driven media strategies to drive better ROI from overall sales and marketing efforts, rely more on video during these times and improve your email sequencing to include more contextual content. These are just a few of the top marketing and sales tips that James Heller, CEO & Co-founder at Wrapify shares in this interview with SalesTechStar. Catch the complete QnA:



Tell us a little about yourself James? How did the inspiration / idea for Wrapify come about?

I am the Co-Founder and CEO at Wrapify — a company that I invested my personal funds into and have spent the last five years building from the ground up. Before Wrapify, advertising on vehicles was a novelty without any way to scale or measure the outcome of exposure for brands. I launched Wrapify in 2015 after needing to use, but not being able to find, a credible company that provided the type of services we offer brands, advertisers and agencies today — the ability to scale and measure advertising on moving vehicles. Today, we serve some of the largest and most reputable brands on the planet.

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What are some of the biggest business challenges you faced as the Covid19 pandemic started and as we lockdowns took hold”: what are the top thoughts/takeaways you would share from this?

Managing runway and growth will always be a challenge, but COVID-19 has made this even more of a challenge. To continue to succeed and solve for today’s uncertain environment, it is critical to limit growth, preserve cash-runway and tweak product.

When it comes to driving a good media mix and strategy; given the effects of Covid19 and the changing work cultures of today as a result of it – how would you tell sales / marketing teams to rethink their overall digital and other advertising?

If you are unable to measure the success of a campaign, there needs to be an even more compelling business case to spending. That being said, performance-driven media and other forms of measurable advertising are key to making it through times like these.

B2B sales is known for its long sales cycles – during a downtime, long prospecting cycles or sales cycles can burn resources more; what would you share with teams in SaaS / tech when it comes to shortening the lifecycle of their sale?

It’s important to use video to your advantage. By sending a quick video recording of what you want to discuss and the problem you are solving for specifically, companies are much more likely to take a phone call in an expedited manner, and it increases the productivity level of the calls.

What are some of the ways in which you still see marketing and sales teams in tech not utilizing the full capability of their sales and marketing automation to target the right clients at the right time…how would you tell them to address this? More so, how would you advise them to optimize their martech / salestech further to beat common business challenges arising as a result of the Covid-19 spread.

In my opinion, sequencing needs to get smarter and more targeted in today’s landscape. In a world where in-person meetings are limited and, in most cases, cannot occur, utilizing contextual email sequencing followed by video outreach will help overcome these challenges.

As a tech entrepreneur, in a challenging environment due to the Covid19 pandemic: what are some of the ways in which you are enabling a balanced remote work culture while maintaining motivation levels?

Riding my bike has done wonders for me in terms of balancing work and staying motivated during this time. After my bike rides, I always return home with a new idea — it really helps connect the dots. It gets the creative juices flowing big time.

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How according to you will the face of marketing and sales now completely change because of the ongoing pandemic? Sum up marketing and sales in 2021 in one line!

Remote work and video meetings are here to stay. Short, concise messaging with a clear value proposition is fundamental to achieving success in 2021.

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Wrapify is a performance-driven OOH ad-tech platform, providing brands with the ability to deploy high-recall OOH paired with retargeting and digital attribution to create a very effective omnichannel brand experience.

James Heller is CEO and Co-Founder of Wrapify; Heller has spearheaded the vision behind the Wrapify product and has been the cultivator of talent and sales team sledgehammer, while leveraging his marketing background to support the brand’s identity. Heller was named a 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 Featured Honoree, has been a Launch Festival Speaker and serves on the OAAA Innovations Committee. He has led Wrapify to be named a 2018 AdAge Titans Finalist, a 2017 DMA Hot Zone Finalist, a San Diego Venture Group “Cool Company” and an Inc. 500 Company in 2019 and Inc. 5000 company in 2020.

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