StreamUnlimited Announce Feature Updates for StreamSDK and an Invitation for Virtual Meetings

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic continues to present challenges for the audio market and beyond, StreamUnlimited remain in a strong position and have continued to maintain a robust, forward-thinking roadmap for their StreamSDK software stack. In a competitive market, StreamUnlimited are chosen by product designers searching for depth of feature set, availability of the latest technology at market launch and future-proof upgradeability. StreamSDK offers the ability to build a premium product family with one platform and varied feature sets, and in combination with engineering expertise for customisation and brand identity maintenance, the solution from StreamUnlimited is without rival.

As personal contact at tradeshows is sadly missed, StreamUnlimited have taken their presence digital, with technology demo videos and a schedule for online conference meetings. To explore how you can co-develop, contact to schedule your meeting!

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The following technology topics are helping to drive StreamSDK based products in 2021;

Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay2 and Amazon Micless-MRM, available together in one product, enabling interaction with every major ecosystem and the true definition of a “works with” solution.

Tidal Connect, HiFi lossless content streaming seamlessly to your devices. StreamUnlimited are proud to operate as an integration partner for this innovative feature.

Amazon Music HD available natively in StreamSDK and via Airable. Access to 70 million songs in CD quality HD and 5 million songs in Ultra HD up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

Multiple Voice Assistant Combinations – as a member of the Amazon lead Voice Interoperability Initiative, StreamUnlimited are pioneering technology to enable multiple voice assistant integration in next generation audio products. This can include offline assistants for playback control, or a region-specific voice assistant enabling single SKU product launch in a global marketplace. StreamUnlimited have extended the reach for a multi voice assistant product by adding support for smart home devices through StreamThings, and have working demo combinations available to try, with products due to launch with this technology in 2021.  

Amazon Alexa Comms and Messaging and Frustration Free Setup, available within StreamSDK. FFS simplifies network setup of new devices by using existing AVS products to share credentials. Comms and Messaging enables the user to make calls and send messages to an enabled device in combination with the Alexa app.

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Immersive sound – one of the hottest current topics amongst recording artists, music service providers, media commentary and audio product manufacturers. StreamUnlimited are at the forefront of this technology integration, working with key industry partners to ensure that the increasing availability of multichannel audio content from music service providers will be deliverable via consumer products in 2021.

Tencent Xiaowei pioneering voice assistant for brands launching products in Chinese language regions.

StreamThings – a smart home software stack offering the option to enable audio products with smart home interoperability. This is certainly a progressive option for product designers looking to create solutions that can be fully incorporated into the modern home environment.  StreamUnlimited have test kits available with additional hardware and pre-configured use cases – try it and see!

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