Simon Says On-Prem: The Most Secure Transcription Platform in the World

Simon Says, the leading timecode-based AI transcription and video assembly platform for video professionals, released Simon Says On-Prem v2, its self-contained video transcription platform. The offline software is built for organizations and enterprises seeking to increase productivity with speech recognition, while maintaining compliance to the strictest of security protocols in order to protect their sensitive content.

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Simon Says On-Prem is the solution: security compliant and an advanced neural network AI, all in an intuitive user interface at an accessible price point.

The Simon Says On-Prem solution contains many of the benefits and features that made its groundbreaking cloud-based version a beloved and critical tool for video transcription: highly accurate AI; a user-friendly interface; an intuitive editor where the video and transcript are always in sync; automatic transcript alignment to media start timecode; and seamless integrations with every major video editing application.

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The difference: Simon Says On-Prem runs completely locally and on air-gapped computers. No data goes to the cloud. Ever.

Chris Walton, an executive producer on behalf of Microsoft, HBO, Google, and Tesla creating transformative experiences using world-class video, code, and design said: “Simon Says has been a huge part of our success on both large and small projects, particularly as confidentiality requirements mean that both manual transcription and cloud-based transcription are not options for us.

Some of our more challenging projects have involved 100+ hours of footage, as well as many hours of audio-only interviews. Simon Says is able to crank through an hour’s worth of interviews in minutes. More importantly, it gives team members outside of the video production circle easy access to searchable content without the need to share terabytes of data.”

Simon Says On-Prem significantly increases productivity, enabling video teams to transcribe interviews, identify the meaningful parts of their recordings, create accessible captioned videos, and subtitle their edits.

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