Xtiva and Whealthcare Solutions Form Strategic Alliance to Enhance Wealth Advisors’ Access to Game Changing Tools for Multigeneration Success

Integration with Xtiva Intel and Reward Suite will enable firms using these Practice Management, Enterprise Analytics, and Incentive Compensation tools to leverage the capabilities of Whealthcare Solution’s award-winning financial wellness solutions.

Xtiva, the only provider of Sales Performance Management Technology and Services exclusively for the financial services industry, and Whealthcare Solutions, the pioneer in developing comprehensive Financial Wellness scoring assessments, training programs, and client communications content, have finalized a key strategic alliance.

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Whealthcare Solutions’ innovative Financial Wellness Scores and assessments measure financial wellness across a range of metrics including financial decision-making safety and capacity, wealth transfer readiness, and health care cost control, will be integrated directly into the Xtiva Performance platform.

The novel Whealthcare Financial Wellness Scores will be usable in Xtiva Reward as metrics for incorporation in incentive compensation programs bringing an increased focus on customer financial wellness. Additionally, Xtiva Intel – Performance focused BI – will be able to incorporate the Financial Wellness score across the entire organizational hierarchy including at the Advisor Practice level via the Xtiva Intel Practice Management Module, empowering both large enterprises and smaller independent firms to measure, assess, and deliver personalized financial wellness across their entire customer base.

“Financial wellness – a deep understanding of it – will be a critical factor in the retention, growth and protection of wealth management and insurance Advisors in the future,” said Xtiva Chief Product Officer Jeff Marsden. “The demographic tsunami fueling rapid shifts in customer expectations and needs means that millions of customer relationships are at risk. Incorporating Whealthcare tools with the Xtiva suite creates a powerful means to help firms and advisors enhance their customer experience and outcomes.”

Whealthcare Solutions will partner with Xtiva Customer Success experts to provide additional support, training, and recommendations to Xtiva customers and users on how to best leverage their Financial Wellness scores in their Xtiva tools.

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Key Benefits for Firms and Advisors:

  • At-a-glance assessment of key customer Financial Wellness metrics, including measures of safety, preparedness, and literacy, to accelerate decision making and actions for executives, branch OSJ leaders and practice owners;
  • Incorporation of these Financial Wellness scores and client recommendations into the practice management and service strategies of advisor teams;
  • Improved compliance visibility across the organization around important issues such as diminished capacity;
  • Step-function improvement in multi-generational engagement capabilities and outcomes:
  • Improved customer confidence, retention and growth.

With this new partnership, Xtiva will also provide Whealthcare Solutions with technical and operational assistance with growing and scaling their platform in response to significant and growing demand for the Whealthcare tools.

“Xtiva’s focus on enabling front office performance, combined with their product capabilities, will help our users unlock additional value in their businesses.” stated Whealthcare Solutions Founder and CEO Chris Heye. “Integration of our Financial Wellness scores and tools will further enable advisors to focus on the most important factors that drive the long-term value of their customer relationships – financial wellness.”

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