Gong Forecast Launches, Delivering Breakthrough Sales Forecast Accuracy Based on Reality

Built on the Gong Reality Platform, Gong Forecast is the industry’s first forecast solution based on the substance of customer interactions

Gong, the Reality Platform leveraging artificial intelligence to transform go-to-market teams, launched Gong Forecast, the industry’s first reality-based forecast solution. Gong Forecast delivers breakthrough revenue predictability by providing a complete picture of deal health and pipeline risk based on the actual substance of customer interactions. Gong Forecast further extends the industry-leading capabilities of the Reality Platform, reinforcing its ability to help go-to-market teams increase productivity and efficiency to succeed.

Global economic uncertainty is challenging companies to better plan for and predict their sales forecasts. The truth is harsh: According to Forrester, 79% of sales organizations miss their forecast by more than 10%, even during times of economic prosperity and certainty. The main culprits include stale and subjective sales data, shadow spreadsheets aggregated from various systems, and manual and labor-intensive processes.

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Gong Forecast enables companies to improve their forecast accuracy by capturing and understanding, in real-time, what customers say, write, read, and engage with to truly understand deal health. It’s the first forecasting product to analyze the actual substance of customer interactions in addition to the frequency of interactions. Gong Forecast applies proprietary AI and machine learning technology to autonomously surface risky deals, see what has been forecasted, and understand the “why” behind any changes. With Gong Forecast, companies can easily identify what individual contributed to changes and inspect down to each customer interaction, driving alignment across the go-to-market organization

“One of our biggest challenges in forecasting was lack of transparency in our process,” said John Judge, Senior Vice President of Sales, Crayon. “There was too much ‘I think’ and ‘I feel’ in trying to understand the status of an opportunity, and information could be hidden in a system or spreadsheet. Gong Forecast makes opportunities more transparent and lets the whole team see exactly what prospects and customers are saying. It’s a single pane of glass for seeing the health of our pipeline. Our teams feel empowered, work smarter, and can see the truth to make forecasting more accurate.”

“As revenue leaders, it is not enough to guesstimate business results based on a spreadsheet or even activity level,” said Gong CEO and co-Founder Amit Bendov. “The only clear indicator of success is the voice of the customer. Gong Forecast captures that voice in real-time, ensuring that decision-making comes from the truth of what’s happening with customers. This makes the Gong Reality Platform even more valuable to revenue teams by helping them boost operating efficiency and drive more successful outcomes.”

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Gong Forecast draws on the power of the Reality Platform:

  • Reality-Based – Only Gong understands all customer interactions across web conferencing, phone, email, instant messages, contracts, and more. With over 100 integrations, including Google Workspace, Hubspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce, and Slack, Gong Forecast uniquely surfaces data when customers interact with marketing content, sign contracts, complete NPS forms, and much more.
  • Autonomous – Gong autonomously captures all customer interactions, then surfaces insights enabling reps and managers to identify risks and responses to take the next best actions, allowing teams to act quickly on the information to create meaningful change.
  • Alignment – With a complete picture of reality and making it actionable, Gong can drive alignment across an entire organization around customer reality, enabling them to take steps that increase deal success – whether that is sales, customer success, support, marketing, or revenue management.

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