Video Marketing and Sales Campaigns Tips from 2020

B2B marketing (business to business) marketing and B2C marketing (business to consumer marketing) have many strategies involved, along with many overlaps. However, the main strategy that differentiates the two is that in B2C marketing, companies and manufacturers (usually) employ an emotional tactic to get better responses from the customer.

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Video Marketing Campaigns in B2C and B2B

Video marketing is a great strategy that is used in both B2C and B2B sales. There are many benefits that video marketing offers to different manufacturers and companies worldwide. Some of the benefits of using video marketing for B2C and B2B transactions include: –

  • Increased awareness of brands.
  • Providing immersive and memorable experiences.
  • Product-based videos showcase the products better than any other medium of marketing.
  • Customer review videos that help other sceptical customers get better ideas about the product or service.
  • Video marketing is one of the more cost-effective options for marketing.

Top Video Marketing Campaigns in B2B and B2C 2020

Some of the most popular video marketing campaigns that have hit the limelight and left an impression on consumers and businesses all around the world in 2020 can be used as a guide to help other businesses make their own video marketing campaigns more successful through 2021. Here are a few to take a cue from:

  • Taulia is a fintech entity that showcased the services they offer with the help of a funny video. They referenced well known items in their video, which was well-received by the audience.
  • Adobe released an advertisement that targeted marketing analytics that are often not touched by other companies. The video keeps the viewer engaged from the beginning, with the build-up, to the end, with a relevant punch-line.
  • GoPro uses product videos as a video marketing strategy. They create product videos to advertise new products, its features and the benefits of the product.
  • Buffer made use of a brand story to showcase its new “Social Media Management” feature. The brand story helps customers know what the company is all about, giving it a personal touch.
  • Slack advertised a new tool by using the actual tool they were marketing in the video campaign. The video had a fun element, and it described all the highlights and benefits of the actual tool.

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Sales Campaigns in B2B and B2C

Sales campaigns are thought out strategies built to garner leads and to find relevant customers. Companies all around the world make use of different kinds of sales campaigns to introduce different products and services to people. The benefits of a good, well-planned sales campaign are:

  • There is an increase in sales of the product because of clearer product representation.
  • Sales (video) campaigns can help companies grab more loyal customers.

Top Sales Campaign Strategies in B2B and B2C from 2020

The best sales campaigns led by different companies all around the world can give other companies an idea on what consumers like and are looking for. There are many sales campaigns in 2020 that have made an impression on consumers. A few sales strategies in B2C and B2B that hit the limelight in 2020 include:

  • SEO and Content Marketing. One of the best ways to reach customers in any sector is with the help of a carefully planned SEO and Content marketing strategy. Businesses and consumers often research products before purchase. Having a good SEO and Content marketing strategy will give companies an upper hand in today’s digital selling world.
  • Social media. With the growth and popularisation of social media, many companies turn to social media channels to advertise their products. Social media can help the products reach a wider range of audience and thereby increase sales, if planned well, social media plans can be run to ensure better sales success by using gimmicks that help sales teams reach and convert their audience via a LinkedIn chat (for example)
  • Visual content. The addition of photographs and interactive videos to a marketing plan will increase the performance of the advertisement. The benefit of enhanced visual content to refer to will help customers get a better idea of the products and messaging.

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With the increasing usage of new techniques in video marketing and sales campaigns today, the entire concept of marketing is undergoing a slow and steady evolution. In the time to come, some more interesting concepts can be expected to disrupt the marketing and sales process across B2B and B2C.

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