Top Concerns and Priorities in Sales for 2020

-Enabled sales teams with digital only sales processes can experience a faster surge in client growth rates

-Lead generation strategies have to be backed by more digital processes and the right mix of sales and marketing tools to help engage with the audience and move them through the funnel

-According to various surveys, companies are worried about losing clients in 2020 due to cost cutting measures and downsizing

-Digital solutions and digital transformation is a top priority and the challenges associated with it, a top concern for global teams

Sales teams who haven’t yet embraced a complete digital friendly sales process in 2020 will be at a higher risk of losing clients and will find greater challenges when maintaining a healthy lead to prospect pipeline.

The Digital vs the Traditional

Sales teams who have embraced a digital process for every journey of the B2B sales cycle that includes a mix of multiple channels and methods (social, newsletters, email) to communicate with customers and prospects will be able to create a better customer experience that helps retain brand image too, during this Covid-19 influenced downtime. A lack of digital sales and digital marketing expertise at a time when prospects are to be found online on various channels will lead to greater customer attrition. With sales and marketing teams strengthening their digital presence and messaging strategies during this time, competitors with the right digital marketing tactics are always going to be threat to customer retention plans.

Teams who use a balanced digital marketing strategy can witness a 40% growth in leads besides increased incidences of successful customer retention.

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More Situational, Automated Messages

There is no better time than the present to revisit your digital sales and marketing solutions and deploy the ones that will most effectively support various initiatives that create an impactful digital voice for the brand. Automating the right situational-based marketing and sales messages to help mediate various touchpoints across the buyer’s journey is crucial during a challenging time such as the present. Using the right sales or customer support messaging via chat bots, social mediums, helpful articles, informative and motivating newsletters are a few ways that several companies started as the effects of the pandemic grew.

Client Retention

Besides ensuring that every sales and marketing plan goes through an overhaul during this time to suit the changing needs of the consumer and to adapt to the current economic climate, client retention has to play a top role to help businesses smooth sail through this downtime. Client retention has figured as a top priority for several sales leaders during this phase, according to several inputs from sales leaders. The benefit of sales automation is that it allows sales teams to build better trust, engage with new prospects and re-engage with existing customers via interactive newsletters, webinars, Live QnA, customer service surprises…

Staying in contact with clients and improving the communication content is a priority and knowing how not to over-communicate a concern area for sales and marketing at a time such as the present. Credible content that resonates with the audience is key to staying relevant in the minds of customers and prospects.

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Technology / Sales Tech Unfamiliarity

With new features and innovations in sales and marketing technology, staying updated on how to optimize your sales technologies and constant upskilling when it comes to use and implementation of sales tech can be a concern at a time when teams have to work remote and stay self reliant on how they use central CRMs and Sales automation tools. Sales leaders can arrange training workshops as needed to help teams engage while also using the time to update their knowledge on the use of their sales tech.

The Covid-19 pandemic is disruptive and has changed how companies interact with their employees and customers alike. To withstand market volatility at this time, sales has to take on multiple roles to help create a wholesome customer experience. Setting a revised set of sales goals for H2 and working closely with multiple departments is now going to be crucial to ensure business alignment and overall business success. It all starts with addressing the changing priorities and concerns in sales.

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