Technologies that are Driving Contact Center Efficacy

Contact Centers are built on calling functionality to involve other ways a client can connect with an enterprise, or to increase ways through which an enterprise can reach clients through social media, online texting, and online chat. To put it in layman’s terms, contact center agents depend on a wide array of technology to handle inbound and outbound customer communications across channels. These allow companies to quickly and easily address customers’ needs.

Future Trends Molding The Contact Center

How customers and companies interact continues to evolve; contact centers are also adapting to the changing landscape to meet new needs.

1. Real-time service

Customer service issues aren’t limited to business hours. Nowadays, customers expect instant and round-the-clock support from the company to help them tackle their rising issues. Through the omnichannel approach, companies can assist different channels.

2. Personalized responses and attention

AI-powered contact centers can identify phone numbers linked with the account and instantly show relevant details about the same. The systems can also recognize when a customer is confronting an issue online and, thus, connect with them directly to assist.

3. Chatbots

Online chatbots can be made AI-powered these days. They can interact smartly with customers, refer issues to relevant agents who can reply effectively, and answer frequently asked questions.

4. Social Media

As companies adopt on-demand customer support and care services, social media has become a powerful tool for responding to the needs and expectations of customers. As per BT Research Study, social media has seen about a 25% increase as a contact center channel since 2015.

5. Mobile and SMS Texting

Contact centers and customers are deploying mobile devices and texting to connect with localized sale offers, and send order updates and appointment reminders.

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Top Solutions That Help Contact Centers Drive Efficiency 

1. RingCentral

This solution is available in three different plans and each one offers varying features such as outbound and inbound voice, social media, email, live chat, and SMS. Certain plans also include predictive and progressive dialing, automation, and even WFM.

Some of the main features of RingCentral are:

  • Standard and advanced IVR (interactive voice response).
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Third-party integrations
  • Open platform with software development kit and API.
  • Speech recognition
  • Standard and advanced ACD (Active call distributors).


  • Integration demands lesser time compared to traditional systems. This reduces implementation time while delivering 99.9% of uptime.


  • The platform has certain technical issues and glitches, which can cause more dropped calls. Its buggy software and interface need improvement.

2. 8X8

This cloud-based platform offers customer analytics like advanced speech, interaction analytics, engagement analytics and omnichannel services.

Some of the main features of 8×8 are:

  • Co-browsing
  • Post-call surveys
  • Streamlined access to experts on the subject matter.
  • Graphical call flow design enables agents to view customer timelines and contract duration.
  • Collaborative performance management.
  • Predictive dialer


  • The platform offers dependable uptime and several CRM integration alternatives.


  • The platform has limited queue options and struggles with customer support contact. Furthermore, 8×8 cannot be afforded by smaller businesses.

3. Genesys

This is another cloud-based platform that manages metrics and interactions such as real-time performance management, supervisory actions, and so on.

Some of the main features of Genesis are:

  • ACD
  • WFM
  • Outbound campaign abilities like outbound dialing
  • Quality evaluations and call recordings
  • IVR with speech-enabled alternatives.


  • The platform can be deployed and scaled easily by organizations. In addition, it offers a navigable and simple interface that provides an ease to non-technical users.


  • The platform comes with different pricing plan options. Even the smaller plans, however, can be costly for small businesses.
  • Furthermore, Genesis presents a longer learning curve for administrators and users than other software.

4. Talkdesk

Talkdesk CX Cloud entails integration for new contact details, integration support, and automatic missed call notifications. It includes tracking, recording, monitoring, reporting, call conferencing, and scheduling capabilities.

The main features of Talkdesk are:

  • ACD
  • IVR
  • VoIP Technology
  • Hot Keys
  • Real-time activity dashboard for customer management and contact tracking
  • Helpdesk management
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Stats & analytics for reporting


  • It offers ease of use, reliability, and integration support.


  • The platform struggles with reporting and surrey customization. Furthermore, customers expect more integrations and applications compared to what is available currently.

5. Five9

This platform supports outbound, inbound, omnichannel, and blended contact centers. Five9 entails its AI feature, which helps integrate outbound and inbound communication functions such as predictive dialing.

Some of the main features of Five9 are:

  • Click-to-call technology
  • Agent dashboard
  • API interactions
  • IVR with visual options
  • Transcriptions and call scripts
  • CRM software integration
  • Predictive analytics features
  • AI assistance for live agents


  • The platform comes with outbound call dialer functions and other call software and features.
  • Furthermore, it demands no charges for maintenance and provides customized pricing.


  • The platform’s contact center systems and user interface are more sophisticated than its competitors.
  • Furthermore, Five9 also crashes when you run too many applications simultaneously.


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