Successful Tech Startups and How their Sales Cultures Stood Out

With each passing day, we are experiencing a closer shift toward a more technology-prone world economy. As more and more start-ups come to the fore, from Fintech, Martech, Edtech, and many more, we are seeing a new era of technologies capable of assisting us in every function or life activity.

At the same time, the world has already had some blooming tech start-ups all of whom have made a mark in their respective industry over the past few years.

These influential start-ups that we are going to list down today hail mostly from the AI, EdTech, Fintech, and Martech segments, however, these are just a few examples.

1. ByteDance

During the past decade, ByteDance proved to be one of the most successful start-ups. It achieved a high position for its spectacular innovation in its field. We are not talking about TikTok here, but many other popular apps have rolled into the market from ByteDance. And do you know the secret?

The company successfully used a shared-service platform (SSP) to power innovation and fuel development growth throughout the organization.

2. Stripe

Whenever we talk about Fintech, names like Stripe strike our minds because startups like these made a mark for themselves in the industry. Stripe truly emerged as the market leader in payment gateway markets: Do you know the reason?

Stripe leads the market because it offers the customers with simple transaction fee structure, enhanced data security, a clean and user-friendly API, a powerful dashboard and fast interface, and much more.

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3. Klarna

Even though Klarna’s name is taken after stripe, the company has made all efforts to remain one of the top startups in the world and differentiate itself from Stripe. The company could build its brand equity by offering unique customer experiences and customer loyalty. The marketing strategy of the company transformed the online experiences for many customers.

While the company entered a highly saturated arena in 2005, it developed a wonderful marketing strategy in a different direction. Along with features of superior checkout, the Swedish bank hit the emotional nature of its customers. The company nailed it by offering an end-to-end inspirational and smooth shopping journey.

4. Databricks

Databricks is an enterprise software company popular worldwide for developing powerful projects such as Delta Lake, ML Flow, and Koalas for data scientists and engineers. It has bestowed the world with its first lakehouse platform. No doubt, Databricks had a successful run in the industry and a few reasons that contributed are:

Seamless migration for data deployment and easy orchestration across multiple cloud platforms.

Ability to offer a consistent and centralized view of customer segments at scale.

Easy collaboration between data scientists and engineers.

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5. Revolut

London-based Revolut became the most valuable UK start-up in July 2021 and it has managed to in the list of top-performing tech startups in the world. Revolut is a digital banking and payments start-up and it was one of the early entries into the cryptocurrency markets.

Revolut gained popularity because it was not a traditional bank, it is a Neo bank and it aimed to offer its customers a super app enabling them to manage all their financial needs through a single platform.

6. Nubank

CB Insights choose Nubank as one of the fastest-growing fintech start-ups in 2020. Nubank is an independent digital bank offering wonderful banking options to its customers. Nubank is a promising startup and it stood up to the expectations of its investors. Nubank, a Latin American start-up truly transformed the way businesses and people borrow, spend, save, and invest their money.

The neo bank’s considerable offerings are its loyalty rewards program, a personal loan product for SMBs, and various international expansions to Mexico City, Berlin, and Buenos Aires.

7. Epic games

Founded in 1991, Epic Games is one of the top promising tech start-ups with 40 offices worldwide today. It is a leading interactive gaming company, the provider of 3D engine technology. Epic Games operates Fortnite, which is one of the largest platforms for games with 350 million accounts. In 2020, it was the 5th most valuable start-up in the US, and there is no slowing down of the company since.

The company makes money through licensing agreements with creators and developers. It’s games platform Fortnite follow a free-to-play model on PC and an in-app purchase model on the digital marketplace.

Final Word

Most of these companies play a vital role in your life as well. For instance you might be using Stripe for your financial transactions every day or playing at Fortnite with friends on every weekend. These start-ups have made our lives easier whether we realize it or not. Their overall business, product, marketing and sales cultures are all factors that contributed to their growth and success over time.

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