Should Every Sales Leader Have Their Own Podcast?

Podcasts today don’t only make for a very useful marketing and branding (as well as revenue!) channel, podcasts can be a great way for salespeople (not just in tech but in other industries as well) to open new communication opportunities with prospects.

There is no dearth to the number of Sales Podcasts in tech and the B2B marketplace today. (One could say there are far too many!).

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Podcasts have become a popular medium for sales leaders and some leaders in tech have even been able to optimize their sales podcasts to be able to drive more business revenue from it. Many technology leaders use podcasts as a sales prospecting tool, without making their strategy a bait and switch policy.

Here are a few reasons for sales leaders to adopt a podcasting strategy:

1.  Podcasts can effectively complement your multichannel sales strategy:

Sales and marketing teams know how much more challenging it is today to drive more results with the traditional multichannel approach needed today: voice and cold calls, emails, social media follow ups and more! Selling is and always has been a tough job. But what sales people can do with newer interactive channels like podcasts is – they can invite their key target prospects to participate in a chat based on a topic that is relevant to their prospect’s role and skills!

2. Podcasts can make sales leaders and your brand stand out:

When marketing and sales teams work in tandem to run podcasts for their brand, sales leaders can optimize the podcast strategy to create a relevant central theme to make the podcast and their brand stand out from the competition. Some of the leaders in technology sales insights like Sales Hacker, The B2B Growth Show and many such help today’s audiences identify with a brand through the interactive sessions that are regularly updated on the podcast channel, for instance.

3. Podcasts add long-term value for sales and a brand:

When business leaders, marketing leaders and sales or revenue leaders work on having a podcast channel with the aim of either using it to drive core marketing or sales initiatives and results, the channel if planned well can add long term value to a brand’s image and presence, despite employee churn. Podcasts that boast of high subscriber counts boast of returning listeners. Many leaders in the tech market are known to use their podcasts to drive sales prospecting efforts and to create and add more value with interesting sales conversations, sales insights and sales tips.

4. Podcasts allow sales leaders to reach new audiences faster:

One of the core requirements for sales teams today is to identify ways to shorten their sales cycle and reach new audiences faster. Podcasts can actually help achieve both if planned well. Podcasts are commonplace and most marketing and sales leaders who run podcasts know that there is always a higher probability of a prospect agreeing to be on your podcast than agreeing to a cold call! Also, podcasts are listed on multiple platforms (like Spotify) making it easier to attract new audiences.

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End note:

Your Sales Prospecting Process Should Include Sales Podcasts!

Now is the time for sales leaders and sales people to not only work in tandem with marketing to better align marketing and sales data and activities using centralized sales and marketing technologies, it is also a time for sales to get creative and conversational with their sales prospecting efforts. Podcasts allow sales leaders and sales people added benefits. With the number of podcasting platforms available today, it is easier for sales and marketing teams to build and run podcasts that can add value and grow their audience.

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