SalesTech Platforms That Can Drive SMB Goals

The right Salestech platform helps your team close more deals and boost revenues.

Whatever the size of your company, when it comes to choosing the right business tool, managers must always rely on scalable solutions. Salespeople use sales tools to manage their pipeline, organize their contacts, and streamline workflows to achieve maximum productivity. Nevertheless, before choosing the right sales tech tool, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each one of them.

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A sales tech stack helps eliminate and automate cumbersome tasks, offers in-depth intelligence about customers, and helps to deliver award-winning customer support.

Picking the right sales software is critical for the success of any business, small or mid-sized. Your business needs software that meets your immediate needs but also works for you in the long run. The two key factors every small business owner must consider are:

  • The Total cost of Ownership: Budgeting is critical when it comes to adding tools to your marketing and sales ecosystem. While you narrow down on your sales tech stack options, consider proper budgeting to take better decisions.
  • Usability and credibility: All SMBs must gauge the credibility of a CRM before committing to the same. What should you consider?
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of setup
  • Intuitive and innovative
  • Is the tool self-manageable or need third-party help?
  • The kind of guidance and instructions available.

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Once you know the kind of sales tool you need, you can use the following list to make a choice.

1. Zendesk Sell

It is a simple-to-use CRM meant to automate all the sales tasks for small and medium enterprises. With a super easy interface, Zendesk helps in keeping track of and interacting with customers both easy and simple. Salespeople can not only take an overview of the entire sales data but also see the whole past conversations with the customers.

What’s more, the sales tool is exceedingly easy to customize.

2. Walnut

For sales teams that are looking for a tool to better engage with their audience using interactive and personalized demos, Walnut is a go-to tool. The teams can create product description demos for sales, marketing, and customer success.

Even for small teams, the tool comes in handy with an easy setup. Once you get a hang of the tool, creating product demos become a cakewalk.

3. Zapier

Next on our list is Zapier and as the tool is offering its services in this space for quite some, it has received enough popularity. For sales team automation, Zapier is a holy grail. The tool is not only good at automation but it also offers third-party integrations with over 4000 apps.

Some of the key features of the tool are data formatting, automated rules, filters for specific user actions, custom webhooks, and more.

4. SalesLoft                                         

For startups, SalesLoft is one of the best tools to add to their sales stack. SalesLoft is easy to use and it helps to handle all the aspects of sales strategies right from gathering leads to tracing and analyzing them at the later stage. The tool comprises an AI-powered feature that offers you a piece of advice based on the questions often asked by customers.

The key features of the app are sales forecasting, calling and texting, managing deals, sales playbooks, and more.

5. Slack

Slack is one of the most commonly used sales tools by medium and large enterprises. Slack enables teams to communicate with each other in a better way. The tool also offers features to create different channels for departments and ease file sharing. Slack supports several integrations, which makes way for the tool in any sales stack.

Some other notable features are file sharing, workflow builder, security, enterprise key management, and more.

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales tool specially designed for SMBs. It is an excellent sales platform for beginners but a fully-functional CRM, which is viably cheaper than its other counterparts like Salesforce. The tool is easy to use and has a wonderful user interface. It has all the features that a considerate CRM must have.


Having the right sales tech stack is critical and it is an excellent solution when you want to optimize your team’s performance and business workflow. The number and the kind of tools you need for your business will depend upon the size of your business and the processes that you want to automate.

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