Sales Content Solutions to Help Boost your Selling Strategy

B2B customers/ buyers want to work with businesses that offer them personalized experiences and sales content solutions play a key role here. Sales Content software, by leveraging AI helps sellers know what content their audience can most relate with and helps them take the conversation forward.

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Here are some sales content solution tools that can help boost your selling strategy:

  1. Accent Technologies

Accent Technologies enables B2B companies to optimize their sales and marketing efforts by providing them with the tools and insights they need for better sales enablement. Accent Technologies help the organizations with content management, provides recommendations based on the sales scenario, and tracks the activity in real-time. It also offers dynamic analytics and insights into the buyer’s interests that help the sales team to make informed decisions.

  1. Seismic

Seismic is known to be one of the pioneers of content solutions for sales and marketing teams. Seismic provides these teams with customized content that helps the sales teams to strike the right conversation with their prospects/ buyers. It helps in managing, automating, and distributing the sales content, freeing you from the manual processes. It leverages data and customer insights to curate and automate the content and helps the marketers in making the desired impact and offers insights to what works best with their buyers. Enterprises like IBM, American Express, PayPal use Seismic for better win rates and higher customer retention.

  1. Bigtincan

Bigtincan is a content sales solutions platform that serves as a one-stop shop for all the content requirements for sales teams where they can search for content and customise it as per the customer’s requirements. This mobile, AI-powered sales enablement automation platform empowers the sales reps to sell smarter and faster. Bigtincan is being used by brands like AT&T, ANZ Bank, Merck, ThermoFisher, and more to boost their customer interaction and enhance sales productivity.  Some of the features Bigtincan offers are adaptive on-boarding and learning, sales content management, customer engagement, and dynamic reporting and more.

  1. ClearSide

ClearSide is a cloud based sales engagement solution that tracks customer interactions via various channels like emails and presentations. It combines content management, integrated communications, and engagement analytics to enhance customer experience. This intuitive platform helps the sales team with the right content, tools and analytics to help them take the right steps ahead.  It also refines and optimizes the messaging based on customer engagement and feedback. The pricing starts from $35.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version but they do offer a free trial.

  1. Highspot

Highspot helps the organisations in areas like content management, pitching and analytics. It brings together relevant content that helps the sales rep to work easily in different sales scenarios. Its advanced analytics helps with the information that is most needed while interacting with the customer. It offers great content management features along with intelligent recommendations to ensure that sales and content both work together to enhance productivity.

  1. Mediafly

Mediafly has become a synonym for sales success! The buyer’s today need a value based sales experience, and Mediafly helps sales teams provide that. Mediafly offers a range of content solution to enhance the productivity and better the interactions of the sales rep with the customer. The technology offered combines interactive sales presentation tools, AI- powered content automation, seamless CRM integration, in-depth analytics and more such sales enablement solutions to address the challenges of the sales teams. Mediafly is trusted by companies like Disney, Charles Schwab, and PepsiCo among others.

  1. MindMatrix

MindMatrix is a fully integrated platform that offers sales and marketing enablement. MindMatrix offers Product Management, Document Management, Lead Nurturing, Search Marketing, Pipeline Management and more such features to provide you with relevant insights. The platform takes you through every step in the sales process to enable your sales team to sell better and faster. It serves as a single storage repository for all your sales and marketing assets and also offers content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third party sites and partner portals.

  1. Pitcher

Pitcher is one of the key providers of content solutions for sales and marketing teams. Pitcher, with its intuitive platform, makes it easier for the sales and marketing professionals to execute and analyse, and improvise their meetings with their prospects/buyers. Pitcher is the first company to offer this experience even when on the go. The technology and the mobile experience help the sales rep be more comfortable and deliver better. Pitcher pricing starts at $20.00 per month, per user. The users can also avail the free trial before the purchase.

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  1. Showpad

Showpad is known to be the best tool for streamlining sales and marketing teams to deliver the best customer experience. Designed for the modern seller, Showpad is a one stop shop to meet all the demands of the modern buyer. The platform integrates industry leading training software with innovative content solutions. The platform offers the sales teams with the latest content to enable value-driven discussions, and offers the marketing teams with bottom-of-funnel insights so teams can invest more in the right content. Bridgestone, Honeywell, and Merck, among others, are some companies that avail Showpad’s sales enablement platform in their buyer journey.

  1. Qvidian RFP & Proposal Automation

Qvidian RFP & Proposal Automation empowers the organizations to close more deals by streamlining processes, improving productivity, and creating customisable sales documents. Qvidian is the only enterprise-grade proposal automation solution, providing security, compliance and simplicity at scale to more than 1,000 companies worldwide. It streamlines content approvals and built audit trails with automated, and step wise reviewed workflows. It also helps in tracking and measuring KPIs with its custom analytics dashboards(Customer Experience).

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