Optimizing Use of Video In Your Sales Strategy

A saturated market coupled with the break-neck competition is forcing brands to push their boundaries and think beyond. While video marketing is not a new gimmick, B2B brands must work to optimize these videos in the best way possible.

But what is the best way?

There is no denying that businesses are using the power of video in marketing and sales. You can either write a 1000-words blog or create a 60-sec video to convey the same information. According to research by HubSpot, 50% of consumers prefer videos over any other type of content.

This leads us to believe that video content has more potential to go viral, and it is proven to boost customers’ purchase intent or at least, interest. Most B2B brands are now on a spree creating more videos for their customers. For B2B brands, webinars, product demos, and customer testimonials make the most of the video effort. If your teams make videos, it does not mean that your videos need to be all about your business.

Along with the typical business videos, there are tons of other ways to create videos that are far more interactive and engaging for your audiences with the aim of boosting actual sales.

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Here are top ways you can optimize your videos for better results:

1. Adding video to the 404-error page

Tell us, how many times have you scrolled through a website and landed at a 404-error page? You reach this page not because there is an internet shutdown, but generally, there is no next step to direct the user to the right path. The 404-error page is frustrating for visitors.

Marketers can optimize this page for their benefit. A search box and a link to a direct user is a good point to start, but adding a brand video can be even better to surprise the visitors.

2. Add videos to your ‘thank you’ confirmation page

Do you want another exciting page to add your brand video? It is nowhere, but your ‘thank you’ confirmation page. B2B users are used to filling forms and wired to receive some ‘thank-you’ messages from the brand, how about surprising your users with an interactive video here?

We came across Wistia, who is using this tactic. Whenever a user submits a form on their pricing page, they get to meet their mighty-ducks-inspired video.

3. Videos for email unsubscribes

Are you observing a lot of your users unsubscribing from your email list? It is no fun to see this. This is the users way of telling you that they are not interested in your content. While it is a hard pill to swallow, it is ultimately best to let your audience move on.

A similar opportunity is seized by HubSpot and it nailed it with their email unsubscribe video. The video is interactive and aligns closely with HubSpot’s overall brand and marketing approach.

4. Employee Intro videos for email

For a salesperson or a member of a customer service team, it is a great strategy to add a video in their email signature. This is a fun and interesting way to interact with customers. You can find plenty of templates online to create and upload the introduction video as your email signature.

Bamboo HR has nailed it by shooting a video outside of their office. They did an unbelievable job to turn their salesperson into a friend. The video emphasized the creativity of the brand, and the fun times spent with the employees.

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Video content is available to everyone on the internet. Digital marketers and even salespeople must use videos to deliver complex brand messages in the simplest ways. Some of the top tools that can help are:

1. YouTube Search Filters

While every novice and pro is making use of YouTube, we believe that the simplest tools are the best. If you already have some videos on YouTube, there is no better way to use your keywords than plugging them on your YouTube search bar

2. Rival IQ

Rival IQ is another popular video optimization tool offering you details of how your competitors’ videos are performing. Some notable insights it provides are what works, what does not, what tags your competitors are using, and so on.

3. NoxInfluencer

NoxInfluencer is a great tool to find out YouTube stats compared to the content posted by your competitors. You can view the global and country ranks of your channel with NoxInfluencer.

4. Social Insider

If you aim to save a lot of time in tracking the video performance on YouTube or other video platforms, this is the tool you need. It offers performance beyond a multi-platform analytics tool.

Bottom Line

Despite being in a crowded market, there are ways to stand out. Do it by utilizing video in your sales processes. Not only the given steps will help you build genuine and long-lasting relationships with customers, but they can also create lifelong advocates for your brand.

Start optimizing your videos for sales output and see the difference.

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