LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips and Best Practices

LinkedIn automation refers to using advanced tools to automatically send out connection requests, follow-up messages, and any other activity you would otherwise have to perform manually on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation is surrounded by plenty of myths and notions, let us understand more about:

  • What is LinkedIn Lead Generation? 
  • Tips for better LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Top tools that help B2B teams in nailing lead generation on LinkedIn. 

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

For many of us, LinkedIn is only viewed as a professional networking site, but it is more than that. If used correctly, the social platform can work as a lead generation machine, allowing B2B teams to acquire new customers organically and easily, and build a deeper connection.
If you are still doubtful about the efficacy of this social platform:
  • 1 out of every 3 individuals has a LinkedIn profile. 
  • 96% of sales executives use LinkedIn twice a week. 
  • 81% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to launch new products. 
As per a HubSpot Study, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the best lead generation platforms in the world. The study further suggested that LinkedIn offers 277% more effective leads than other social media networks. 
The real question: 

How can marketers generate more leads on LinkedIn, and what tools will they need? 

  1. Start with your profile – Redo and refine your profile in such a way that users know who you are and what you are dealing with. For instance, have a clear and friendly headshot along with a relevant title summarizing your company role and area of expertise. 
  2. Define your target audience – We cannot go enough on defining the target audience. You must start by spotting the right decision-makers and connect with relevant contacts, connect with people who have shared connections with you or your colleagues. 
  3. Zero down your tools wisely – Amongst plenty of LinkedIn tools, you should be able to opt for the feasible tools. Do not go by your gut, try to understand each tool, its features, and then take a call. 
  4. Engage in Outreach with a personalized, human touch – Connect with your leads with the help of dynamic personalization. Each message you send should be unique every time. 
  5. Funnel the leads the right way – A rule of thumb for LinkedIn: always share relevant blog posts, webinars you have hosted, and lead magnets as and when possible. Do not engage in any hard selling, optimize your content to be more informative and educational. 

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  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With sales navigator, you get the following main features: 

  • Advanced lead and company search to find the right people and companies with search experience delivering more relevant prospects. 
  • Lead recommendations to discover the right people with precise suggestions for your brand. 
  • Advance filtering, CRM integration, and more. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for people who are already using LinkedIn and want to access advanced features. Tap into the wide LinkedIn network to increase the pipeline of leads, close more deals and make more profit. 

  • Expandi

Expandi is an awesome tool, which is also the safest LinkedIn tool in the market. Using the tool is super convenient as it runs 24*7 on your computer. Guess what! It comes with an easy set-up too. 

The top features of the tool are: 

  • Webhooks, which helps you link Expandi with other marketing tools.
  • Smart Inbox to manage your inbox efficiently without a mess, which also helps in boosting customer engagement and ensuring that you do not miss a chat conversation. 
  • Dynamic Personalization with which you can message people based on any custom variable.

The tool is perfect for growth hackers, agency owners, and people managing multiple LinkedIn accounts. 

  • Phantombuster

Next on the list is Phantombuster, which is a data extraction and code-free automation tool to help businesses generate leads, automate growth and scrape audiences. With Phantombuster, marketers can automate most of the tasks on the internet such as task scheduling, chain automation, and more. Some of the tool’s standout features are: 

  • LinkedIn Network Booster, which automatically sends invitations and connects to a list of LinkedIn users. 
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper, which helps in collecting data from a huge list of LinkedIn profiles. 
  • LinkedIn Message Sender, which sends personalized messages to LinkedIn connections automatically. 

The tool offers tons of other features and automation hacks. Use it together with any LinkedIn automation tool of your choice. 


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