How Sales Enablement Tools Like Showpad Are Changing The Game for Sales/Customer-facing Teams Across Industries

Technologies like sales enablement and tools like Showpad are changing the interactions between  customer-facing teams and the customers. Whether sales or marketing or any other customer-facing team, sales enablement software packages can provide added support. Sales enablement software packages help customer-facing teams streamline their interactions with the customers by providing strategies and processes that will enhance the capabilities of the customer-facing teams and help portray the product. Sales enablement software packages do not spoon-feed the customer-facing teams by delivering exact strategies to follow. They rather give out philosophical guidelines that will help customer-facing teams to develop intricate strategies on their own. This not only develops the skills of the team members but also boosts confidence and productivity, which in turn creates a healthy work environment.

Need for Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement software is becoming a strong pillar in the market. The existing systems driving the marketing and sales tactics are doing the job so far, but due to the changing nature of the market, the need for new technology has emerged. The customer-driven market needs technologies such as sales enablement to bring in better revenue. Customer-facing teams often have struggled to develop new strategies to keep them running, but with Sales enablement software packages, the journey becomes smoother. They get to understand how the customers respond. They learn the dynamics behind customer engagement. This drives them to develop customer-relevant content that will appeal to the customers and rocket their revenue streams.

Sales tools like Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems (CMS) are already established in the market. Then how do the Sales Enablement tools affect the market today in addition to this? Sales is not just a process of calling a lead and asking them to buy your products or services. Customers are smart, and they do not respond to such calls anymore. Customers need interaction and hospitality, and sensitivity towards them to make them adopt your services. Sales enablement software packages work on the same lines. They make customer facing teams equipped with all the information they need to know about the customer before approaching them. Sales enablement brought to the notice of customer-facing teams that the same content cannot be used at all the customer purchase stages. The content needs to be tailored according to how far in the sales funnel the customer is.

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Popular Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement makes the customer-facing teams sensitive to the customer behavior and teaches them to leverage it for closing leads. Here are some of the famous Sales Enablement tools that several businesses use in the market.

1. Showpad

Showpad is one of the best Sales enablement software packages available in the market. It is a unified platform that combines coaching and sales content management in a single experience. Showpad helps teams to create visually engaging content. The rapid adoption and deployment of Showpad is a very powerful feature.

2. Seismic

Seismic is the industry’s leading Sales Enablement and digital sales engagement solution that coordinates and empowers the customer-facing teams to deliver an engaging buyer experience to drive the growth of their business. The storytelling platform of Seismic gives unique and engaging ideas to deliver the marketing content most effectively.

3. Klue

Klue is an AI-based competitive intelligence platform that assists product marketers, and customer-facing teams collect, curate, and deliver relevant competitor information to enable sales to win more business. The technology is unique because it combines external competitive intelligence with internal information from your customer-facing teams.

4. DealHub

DealHub is a zero-code platform that connects all the revenue flows of your business. It is a powerful sales enablement software that pushes the customer-facing teams to lead the customers down the sales funnel. The real-time buyer engagement analytics and subscription management features of DealHub are very useful for customer-facing teams.

5. Highspot

Highspot is one of the most loved Sales enablement software packages by the customer-facing teams. Customer conversations can be analyzed and elevated. Through this, Highspot can drive the growth of your business strategically. The unified buying experience delivered by Highspot escalates customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.

6. LevelJum

Companies can use LevelJump to centralize sales preparedness through outcome-based training and coaching of the customer-facing teams, automating revenue and sales milestone accomplishment, and relate enablement to revenue impact to close the sales leads. LevelJump discovers insights that help the customer-facing teams to optimize themselves for scalable revenue impact.

With the growing importance of sales enablement software packages in modern enterprises, many new entrants have forayed into the market. We can expect to witness some interesting developments in the times to come.

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