Exploring Some of the Best Marketing and Sales Experiences Created by Conversational AI

You logged in to a website, liked the products and you found a chat box in the corner where you could express your interests or interact with the brand. You felt good because for you were listened to. This is why Conversational AI matters today. 

Conversational AI is growing day by day. Not only in the B2B or B2C segments, but in the entertainment industry as well. Innovations everyday are making it possible for a computer to talk to a human like a human. Whenever you are talking to a chatbot, responding to an automated email or speaking with any virtual assistance, this is all conversational AI, and this technology has brought a massive change in the way customer service is now delivered. 

As per the definition, “Conversational AI”,is a form of artificial intelligence facilitating real-time human-like conversation between a computer and a human. Businesses are using conversational AI for sales, marketing and customer support to engage the consumer throughout their journey. 

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Here are a few takeaways of conversational AI leveraged in interesting ways by successful brands in the industry. 

  • Pension Insurance provider Varma reported that they have saved 330 hours per month by leveraging a chatbot assistant. The unemployment fund YTK said that they could move 2 or more employees to other projects as they had chatbots to assist. Similarly, Insurance provider Turva was glad to save around 73 hours per month due to their chatbot Teppo.


  • Besides saving time, conversational AI is helpful in generating more sales and qualifying leads. Turva used chatbots to collect their insurance leads, and the energy company Vare qualifies their leads with the help of a chatbot and later the lead is transferred to the sales teams for further discussion.


  • Leading bank HDFC’s EVA, is their own Electronic Virtual Assistant. Besides EVA, HDFC and its AI partner Senseforth designed another chatbot campaign for EMIs. This chatbot was also used in email and SMS marketing campaigns. Both EVA and the new chatbot use AI and NLP to fetch and understand the user query and provide information back to the customer in milliseconds. With time, these technologies advance too and today, EVA can handle more than 40,000 conversations per day with customers from all around the globe.


  • Nestle’s NINA  – Can you think of an automatic nutritionist that ensure that every meal your serve your child is power packed with nutrition? Nestle has created one such technology powered by Senseforth’s versatile platform A.ware. Irrespective of what you need, a feedback or a recipe for your child, NINA will ensure that you get what you demand at the earliest. NINA is designed in such a way that it interacts in a human-like way. Perfectly integrated with Google Assistant, NINA can recommend meal plans based on food type, allergy keeping in mind even the regional preferences.


  • If you want to travel the world with the help of a virtual assistant, visit the website of Thomas Cook. Their chatbot TeeCee is one of the its kinds and act as a virtual concierge for the travel needs of the users. By adopting TeeCee, Thomas Cook has tried to create a seamless customer experience to serve the modern and impatient audience with a human touch. TeeCee is powered by A.ware and it is very well equipped with superior NLP capabilities to comprehend the user intentions.


  • Lufthansa’s Nelly, Maria and Elisa – Lufthansa’s Chatbots are available for round the clock support and they can offer more than just catering to some FAQs regarding ticket cancellation, cancelled or diverted flights and so on. The best part is, when the chatbots are unable to answer the query, the user is directed to talk to a human agent without waiting in a queue.


  • Sephora’s Fashion Bot – Sephora was one of the first brands to roll out conversational AI in the market with its Kik-based chatbot. Since then, the company has rolled out its virtual assistant across all platforms including Facebook. The moment a new customer visits Sephora, he or she is asked to fill out a short form – the answers of which helps the chatbot to understand that user preferences. This bot can be used to book any in-store services and the user can even apply various products to selfies to know how the product will look like after the final purchase. 

Conversational AI is a set of technologies offering human life interactions between humans and computers. Applied conversational AI is going to need both art and science to deliver successful capabilities in future, it will be exciting to keep up with this trend as it grows in the market. Have you used a chatbot for your website yet? 

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