Evolution of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Providers

Today, we have entered an era where you can use ‘anything as a service’ and with this thought in mind, we are here to explain another “as a service” concept to you here – Contact Center as a service (CCaaS). Let us dig in for more.

CCaaS (contact center as a service) is a software deployment model enabling companies to only purchase the technology they need. A vendor commonly operates it to reduce IT integration and support costs. Today companies are deploying CCaaS solutions as a cloud-based CX solution in contact centers, but an on-premise CCaaS software is ideal.

Benefits of using CCaaS

Most of the benefits of using CCaas include those inherent to cloud deployment strategies and flexibility in contact center functionalities.

Some of the primary benefits of CCaaS include:

  • The service provider provides and manages software/hardware and so, companies need not allocate a separate budget to deal with these things.
  • Resource flexibility and scalability.
  • Better CX for users.
  • Companies can easily adapt to advanced applications.
  • Companies become future-ready.

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CCaaS platforms are on the rise and experts predict the market will reach $27.8 billion by the end of 2023. Let us now look at some of the top CCaaS vendors in the market:

1. RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral may be a recent product from the company but it is specifically designed to cater to the complexities of modern businesses. It is an all-inclusive CCaaS solution. Besides the features of a powerful contact center, it comes with omnichannel routing, CRM integrations, and analytics for better performance management.

RingCentral stands out from the rest in the market with its collaborative approach that runs through its veins allowing only agents to have quick access to the information.

Notable features of RingCentral are:

  • Comprehensive features
  • Easy to install and use
  • Many integrations option
  • Full telecom solutions

2. Genesys

It is another popular omnichannel CCaaS solution for those businesses targeting high-level of customer self-service across phone calls, SMS, text, chats, email, and social media. Genesys offers a platform named PureEngage along with several knowledge management tools to prevent customer service information silos so agents can offer faster assistance. Along with simple services such as IVR, Genesys also offers advanced conversational AI and automation tools to keep customers in control leaving the agents free.

Notable features of the platform are:

  • Agent scripting
  • Relationship-based routing
  • Drag and drop call flow editors
  • Over 350 integrations are available


NICE CXOne is one of the popular omnichannel cloud contact center platforms designed mainly for companies that aim to offer personalized customer service across a high number of communication channels.

The best feature of NICE CXOne is that it offers more than 30 ways for agents and customers to interact. Other notable features of the platform are:

  • Workforce Engagement and Optimization
  • Workflow forecasting with more than 40 “what if” algorithms
  • Real-time notifications for agents

4. Talk Desk Contact Center

If you are looking for a complete cloud contact center solution, Talk Desk is the answer. The CCaaS tool offers cloud-based comprehensive features and third-party integrations so that a business can deliver an accessible enterprise experience. As expected, the platform fully caters to all forms of voice calls and comes with a full suite of call handling and click-to-call functionality from mobile and desktop apps.

The notable features of the CCaaS platform are:

  • Built for the cloud
  • Fully compliant
  • HD Voice
  • 100% uptime guaranteed

5. GoTo Contact Center

GoTo offers a leading CCaaS product bringing some innovative features not generally advertised by other CCaaS vendors. The platform offers a wide range of features such as excellent voice handling in call queries and call handling, interactive voice response (IVR), and automatic call distribution (ACD) with options to prioritize inbound calls.

Some additional features of the app are:

  • Historical call, contact, and agent reports
  • Live status display so that everyone in the team knows what is happening.
  • Full voice handling
  • Omnichannel interface
  • Automatic call back, and more

As we talked about popular CCaaS vendors, let us look at some key features that will help you choose your contact center as a service platform.

The benchmark of a quality CCaaS vendor is its ability to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Streamline complex business processes.
  • Offer insights into customer and agent behavior
  • Maximize business resources without degrading support quality.

Final Word

You must compare the key features of the top CCaaS vendors with the factors mentioned above. CCaas is successfully deployed in various industries such as telemarketing and call centers, debt collection agencies, health care professionals, non-profit, and government agencies.

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