Cloud-Based Sales Acceleration Platforms

Sales acceleration refers to the use of strategies and tools to help increase speed as well as the efficiency of a sale or the overall sales process. There are many kinds of software platforms that have been developed that enable sales teams to have a more robust and far reaching sales or marketing strategy by providing data and insights specifically aimed at increasing sales speed and efficiency. In order to have an effective sales acceleration tool or platform, it must provide some basic elements. These elements include:

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  • Lead database– The sales acceleration platform should be able to have a customized lead database that will provide sales teams with a list of leads gathered according to specific qualifications set by the team. The prospects or leads that do not fit the qualifications are filtered out, leaving a list of prospects that are likely to be interested in the products or services.
  • Research tools– A good sales acceleration platform must be able to provide research capabilities that enable sales teams to gather data about prospects in real-time. This data should include public financial documents, business credit scores, and ratings, background, organizational charts, competitive insights, etc.
  • Predictive analytics– The software used in any sales acceleration platform must be able to develop an algorithm that helps sales teams make informed predictions about potential customers. This will provide areas for expansion and growth.
  • Email services– The email services provided by sales acceleration tools should provide sales teams with the ability to track opens, clicks, and other customer engagement behaviors. This will enable the team to develop strategies based on customer response.
  • Data visualization– Sales acceleration platforms that are able to provide visualizations on the data will enable sales teams to gather data in shorter amounts of time.

Cloud-based sales acceleration platforms

A cloud-based sales acceleration platform refers to the sales acceleration platforms that store all the data or receives data from the cloud. This makes it easier for sales teams to gather data and insights from remote locations and safely store the data in a safe and secure place.

Top cloud-based sales acceleration platforms

There are many cloud-based sales acceleration platforms that are used by many sales teams all over the world. The top platforms include:

  • Velocify– Velocify is a sales automation software platform that is designed for fast-paced sales processes. Perfect for many kinds of sales teams, this platform offers features like locating prospects with precision, accelerating lead engagement, implementing effective workflows, etc.
  • VipeCloud– VipeCloud is a cloud-based sales and marketing customer relationship management, or CRM, a platform for smaller to mid-sized businesses. It includes features like email marketing, marketing automation, and sales CRM. Sales teams can prioritize leads, manage contacts and automate campaigns with the help of this platform.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud– Salesforce Sales Cloud is another cloud-based platform that focuses on sales and customer engagements and relationships. This platform has features like lead management, marketing automation, contact management, managing customer accounts, tracking sales leads, conducting and monitoring marketing campaigns, providing service post-sale, etc., perfect for several industries and sales teams.
  • SalesNOW– This is another cloud-based platform that can be used by any sales team to manage and accelerate sale processes. SalesNOW has many kinds of features like customized reports and data fields, provides visual and graphical representations of sales forecasts and activity reports. It also allows sales teams to manage aspects of the sales cycle, including contact, case and lead management, company tracking, and sales reporting.
  • Shape– Shape is a cloud-based platform used by sales teams. This platform has tools and features that allow teams to manage online marketing and promotions; capture leads from online sources, organize sales pipelines, connect with customers and automate everyday tasks.

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Benefits of using a sales acceleration platform

  • Easier and quicker lead generation– The automation tools on sales acceleration platforms allow lead generation and prospecting to be done automatically and digitally, freeing up time for sales teams.
  • Sales productivity is increased– The automation of daily tasks with the tools on sales acceleration platforms allow sales teams to be more productive and complete more sales.
  • Better sales training– The sales acceleration platform offers services that allow the sales team to develop and plan sales training and coaching in a more efficient manner. Hiring external or additional trainers and coaches will not be needed with the help of the platform.
  • Data insights are improved– Automation of all kinds of data and insights with sales accelerating platforms provide more accurate insight for sales teams to develop strategies around.
  • Provides detailed research– The tools on sales accelerating platforms provide sales teams with the ability to conduct thorough research on prospects and new leads.

Any sales team would benefit from having a sales acceleration platform tool as a part of their software stack. These platforms greatly improve the accuracy and speed with which sales tasks are performed.

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