CDPs that have been in the Limelight through 2022

Advertisers have typically utilized rule-based methods to handle the problem of fragmented data sources, but that is no longer sufficient. The rule-based strategy only works in circumstances that fit inside a narrow set of rules, falling far short of what is required and locking the marketer out of potential possibilities. If the largest-ever financing rounds for CDP providers are any clue, customer data systems will remain a priority for marketing tech stacks through 2022 and beyond.

What Are CDPs?

CDPs, stand for Customer Data Platforms, they combine and integrate customer information into a single database. This solution provides marketing teams with the information they need to launch campaigns. To provide a holistic perspective of the consumer, a CDP can gather data from online and offline sources like websites, mobile applications, and email systems. Following the retrieval of this information, a CDP may assist firms in predicting the best next step with a particular consumer. This enables firms to figure out what they need to do to keep certain clients. Customer service teams may also utilize a CDP to tailor their help to each prospect and potential customer.

Several sorts of customer data management systems are available to assist enterprises with various use cases. The most typical approach for combining client data to generate a single consumer profile is a data CDP. Campaign administration, pass, and communication and marketing hubs are all handled by a campaign that uses customer data management systems. An analytics CDP, on the other hand, is just for analyzing the data it stores.

Top CDPs for 2022

1. BloomReach 

BloomReach is one of the best customer data platforms available. Discovery, which provides artificial intelligence-driven searching and marketing; Content, which provides a headless CMS; and Interaction, which provides a leading CDP and advertising automation, are offerings by the CDPs platform that create real personalization and digital commerce growth. These technologies, when used together, combine the strengths of unified consumer and product specifications with the speed and scale of Automation to create revenue-driving digital commerce interactions that convert across all channels and journeys. BloomReach serves over 800 multinational brands.

2. Segment

Segment is another top choice when it comes to CDPs. This customer data platform allows users to capture and route consumer data to various linked platforms. Segment’s consumer data platform is popular because of its simple setup, true monitoring, and customizable displays. It also allows you to transfer data to numerous destinations. It also has advanced features like inter-channel interaction design, data flow customization, and a streamlined manner of processing and loading client data. 

3. Insider 

The tool by Insider assists digital marketers in growing their businesses across the whole channel, from recruitment to engagement, commitment, and income. The CDPs enable marketers to provide tailored journeys across the online, mobile web, mobile applications, messaging, email, and ad channels by using true prediction segmentation backed by systems based on Machine Learning capabilities. CDPs by Insider is straightforward to set up and use because of their single data layer, which eliminates the need for complicated integrations and IT support. Insider makes digital marketers’ lives easier and helps them build their businesses with no marketing waste.

4. Emarsys 

The first omnichannel consumer interaction platform developed to accelerate business outcomes, the tool by Emarsys enables digital marketing executives and business owners. The platform helps you speed time to value, offer an exceptional experience, and achieve quantifiable results fast by quickly connecting desired business outcomes with proven multichannel consumer engagement techniques – sourced from top brands across the sector. More than 1000 organizations worldwide choose Emarsys as their platform of choice when it comes to customer management platforms.

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Top CDP Predictions For 2022 and Beyond…

  • CDPs will drive agility – The demand to provide unified, multichannel experiences was already building in the past. When market circumstances change, businesses must be ready to adapt those experiences practically instantly. Companies in 2022 will be able to accomplish this agility by using their CDPs. For example, CDPs with AI and machine learning capabilities can assist firms in acting on major trends more quickly, even improving marketing efficiency.
  • Category Growth – Despite a downturn in few previous years, the CDP market is back in a big way, and industry executives are forecasting faster growth than ever in the foreseeable future. The previous year’s lag appears to have been a rare occurrence, owing to client uncertainty and budget freezes, as experienced by software providers in various industries. CPDs are predicted to witness a considerable increase in specific areas by 2022.

A healthy balance of the proper data and the right technology is required to deliver a customized experience and successfully engage with your consumers today. You will be able to grow your business significantly with the support of the top CDPs.

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