Call Recording Software To Help Your Remote Sales and Marketing Teams

Do you think it would be better to observe most of the sales calls of your sales reps? Not to criticize them, but only to share valuable feedback, and help them improve conversations and conversions in the future?

That’s when call recording software tools come to your rescue. Recording a sales call is helpful to the sales reps as well as to upper line managers. These calls are recorded and used for further training purposes. The recordings can provide an opportunity to learn, pull actionable insights from the conversations (to have a better understanding of customer behavior) and improve customer conversions. Not to mention that these calls will act as strong learning pillars for the new hires in future as well.

Call recording software records phone calls via voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Along with call recording, the software might have features like call tracking, logging, sharing, storing and playback. Call recording software play a vital role in sales rep trainings.

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Some of the other notable benefits are:

1. Save and log call records between sales reps and prospects.

2. Integrate call recording software with other sales tools like your CRM.

3. Improve the quality of conversations between the sales reps and the prospect.

4. Utilize the saved recordings to train new hires, get feedback from managers and advice current reps on effective tactics.

Let’s dive into some top tools you may want to consider for your sales and marketing teams:

1. Avoxi

It is a powerful global enterprise voice and messaging platform for your teams. The software helps to amp-up business communication and offers access across 170 countries. It is an intuitive cloud communication platform offering virtual number and contact center solutions. Add a new experience to your caller every time he calls with Avoxi.

2. Mi Cloud Connect

Manage your business calls, event, chats, audio/video web conferencing with the help of a cloud based tool, Mi Cloud Connect. It is designed for businesses of all sizes. The prominent features of the software are data archiving, on-demand recording, mobile access, manual dialer, real-time chat, and reporting/analytics.

3. MV-Business VoIP

Created for all size of businesses, Mv-Business VoIP offers excellent call recording and tracking features. All the data can be recorded, saved and are accessible on a cloud platform. The US based software firm offers affordable tools with the prominent features like data archiving, call tagging, file transfer, record & playback ability, on-demand recording and so on.

4. CallTrackingMetrics

It is an all-in-one call tracking platform comprising features of a robust contact center. Call recording and transcriptions become easy with this tool where your sales team can refer and listen to the previous call recordings to improve their conversations in the future. The tool is ideal for the teams aiming to give, share, and receive feedback on calls.

5. Exelysis Contact Centre

Exelysis Contact Centre comes with capabilities to handle and enhance communication framework of sales teams. It offers turnkey solutions to integrate and expand enterprise’s PBX. It also offers easy integration with 3rd party software tools such as CRM, extended APIs and ERPs. The software is best for customer care, call centres, telephony integration, banks, telecom and government agencies.

6. HoduCC

HoduCC offers a comprehensive call recording software to boost marketing decisions. It is used by brands like Vistaprint and UNICEF, and it is an omnichannel contact center software with features like outbound call recording, inbound call recording, blended call recording, call bridging, call forwarded to mobiles, analytics and reporting.

7. Honeit

Honeit is an intuitive call recording software with capabilities to convert the phone calls into data and interview insights. It comprises of innovative interview technology introduced by recruiters and hiring managers to screen, schedule and assess talent quickly. The software makes it easy to record, transcribe and share the interview data across the cloud.

8. CallN

Powered by intuitive analytics, compliance and better employee performance, CallN is the perfect call recording software for all kinds of service agencies including legal, medical, real estate, car sales, finance insurance and banking. It offers features like distributed call recording, on-demand call recording, event trigger recording, call tagging, file transfer and so on.

9. Jimminy

Intelligence is what your remote sales team needs. Find Jimminy and you will have an intelligent revenue measuring platform for your remote team. The primary features of the software includes AI-powered meeting and call recording, transcription and analytics. It allows for an easy CRM integration to save your entire call data at one place.

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Call recording software tools are powerful  – they give you useful information about specific prospects and open up new ways to deal with them in an improved way in the future. It is time you consider these tools, choose the perfect tool for your team and start recording.


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