AI-Powered Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer engagement is an important aspect of any business marketing process. It is not just the customer’s interaction with the business, there is a lot more to it. It is about establishing a positive brand image in the customer, gaining customer trust, giving a personalized experience and a lot more. Customer engagement is an ongoing process that has no end. AI powered tools can help teams enable better processes and systems.

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Some of the widely adopted AI-powered customer engagement solutions are:

  • Amplify

Amplify is an excellent virtual assistant. It is compatible with Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, RCS, mobile web and even desktop. It has an end to end engagement analyzer. 

  • DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius has been specially designed to connect with CRM and Customer Service Consoles. It automates the process end-to-end and offers case resolution with zero human intervention. 

  • ManyChat

ManyChat is focused on providing templates that are best suited for businesses. You can easily build your own unique and personalized bot by using the drag and drop interface of ManyChat. 

  • proves to be an excellent coach. The coach feature of this solution helps agents to boost their morale. It increases efficiency, productivity and enhances the soft skills of the registered agents.

  • is a web-based control panel that can be used for creating and deploying a conversational app. Meya’s Grid (the operating system) enables the building of a custom conversational AI application.

Growth of businesses using AI-powered customer engagement solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the leading technologies in the world. Day by day, the enhancement of AI is bringing better solutions to real-world problems. When AI was first implemented to build customer relationships, businesses’ positive impact and growth were visible. Since then, a 3x increase in Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) has been observed in businesses implementing AI. A 5% to 15% growth has been noted in the Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV). This led to an excellent 10% to 40% reduction in the Overall Operating Expenses (OPEX) of the businesses implementing AI, which resulted in 2% to 15% increase in their revenues.

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The innovations that are most trending in the field of AI-powered customer engagement solutions 

  • Informed Decision-Making Process

One of the commonly used innovations in AI-powered customer engagement solutions is the informed decision-making process. This process tracks data from several years back and analyzes it to provide insights and trends.

  • Customer Behavior

AI has been used along with machine learning to understand the behavior of customers. This innovation tracks what the customers investigate, what they are attracted to and what they respond to. This allows businesses to provide customers with a personalized experience.

  • Hyper-Personalization

This innovation keeps track of customer history, shopping patterns, behavior, preferences, and location data. AI-based recommenders then take the personalization of the services to the next level.

  • In-Store Experiences

Using bots and robots to enhance the in-store buying experience of customers has been one of the best innovations in the field of AI-powered customer engagement solutions. Customers love it when they are given personal attention.

  • Logistics and Delivery

Using AI-based solutions is done to improve the package visibility, track the package status and predict the delivery ETA. Since this cumbersome task took a lot of time, the integration of AI has made it much faster and, in the process, have improved customer engagement.

A few other examples:

  • Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the top providers of cloud-based AI solutions for businesses. Amazon Echo, Lex, Polly and Rekognition are the top AI solutions that help in customer engagement.

  • Google Cloud Platform

Google is one of the leaders in the AI solutions industry. It prides itself in providing excellent AI-based cloud services to businesses. Tensor AI is its best chip project which aims to deliver outstanding AI solutions.

  • IBM Cloud

IBM has been dominating the AI field since the 1950s. IBM purchases start-ups that develop AI-based solutions and help them move forward. The scale-out systems and cognitive services are given a strong helping hand in AI software and services.

  • Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has especially been developed to serve the AI requirements of businesses. It sells machine learning, cognitive services and not services to businesses to develop their customer engagement and much more.

  • Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is an Asia based platform that offers sophisticated machine learning platforms for AI. It gives businesses the freedom to design custom AI tools that can enhance their productivity and performance. Pre-built solutions offered by Alibaba can be further developed to suit your needs.

With AI-based platforms for customer engagement evolving rapidly, you can avail improved customer engagement and enjoy steady growth in revenues. Moreover, in the coming days, various innovations are expected to be witnessed in this area, which bodes well for your future customer engagement efforts.

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