A Few Proven and Actionable Ways to Help Boost your Sales Outreach on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most popular social networks, typically built and meant for working professionals. For B2B salespeople, LinkedIn has been a key channel for lead generation and sales prospecting over the years.

With the right tactics and LinkedIn strategy, B2B salespeople can effectively boost their sales prospecting results while also establishing a strong sense of thought leadership and personal branding in the market.

However, given that today’s online marketplace is far too crowded with an overload of ‘’digital noise’’ it’s important for B2B sales teams to keep a few things in mind to help drive faster, better results!

Here are a few quick tips:

Extract your LinkedIn Connections into an Excel Sheet to Breakdown your Connection Data

Extracting your LinkedIn connections would typically take all of few minutes. While every experienced B2B salesperson is attuned to the fact that there are more than one decision-makers in a standard B2B buying journey, at the end of day – B2B salespeople are still selling to people!

Building deeper customer and prospect relationships has to be a part of any sales process. Most B2B salespeople will stick to running automated cadences while also using networks like LinkedIn to connect with their targets.

Extracting your LinkedIn connections into an excel sheet and then identifying some of your top individual level contacts/prospects is a starting point to understand more on who has connected with you and how they have been interacting with you or your brand on LinkedIn InMail for instance.

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Engage with Top/Recurring Customers

If you already have a strong set of existing customers, constantly boosting and strengthening your relationship with them and driving repeat sales from them through upselling/cross-selling initiatives is a sales practice most sales leaders will go by.

Going a step beyond and using certain days of the week to tag/share or simply engage with your existing top customers (not just prospects) is one way of trying to ensure they stay with you, for longer!

This is where salespeople need to attentively add their top customers to their network, nurture them and stay on top of their mind.

Complimenting customers (based on something they may have said or done during your product buying journey), or sharing a value-add article or update on the industry they belong to are some of the ways to kick start this.

Post About Product and Service Benefits on Groups where your Top Prospects are Most Active

Your top B2B prospects will typically be part of several groups on LinkedIn. Using this information to further your sales prospecting efforts is an easy way to help cut through the noise. Generating interest in your sales pitch by indirectly sharing a benefit or two about your service/products on groups your top prospects are most active on can help initiate an actual meeting or sales call down the line.

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Rework your Own LinkedIn Profile

B2B prospects today want the brands they interact with to understand them better, gone are the days where salesy approaches could work.

This is why sales people need to adapt different sales cadences or messaging styles across platforms like LinkedIn to build relationships and identify the right selling opportunity.

And this is where B2B sellers need to then ask themselves a crucial question: why would prospects want to talk to them?

Reworking your LinkedIn profile to turn it into a lead magnet is one quick way to drive sales prospecting conversations further. Newer entrants into B2B sales roles can take a cue from how established sales leaders in their industry or segment portray themselves through their LinkedIn profile as a starting point.

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