Ingage Launches Ingage Presentations to Help Sales Teams Drive More Revenue

iOS App for iPad Lets Sales Teams Create and Deliver More Memorable and Measurable Sales Content

Ingage, the leader in branded marketing content creation and sales enablement tools, launched Ingage Presentations for iPad.  Ingage Presentations is a sales enablement platform that allows for the rapid creation of dynamic sales presentations that increase conversions by making presentations interactive, measurable and memorable.

“Sales leaders face challenges creating and scaling consistent, compelling sales content across their teams, and measuring the impact of those resources on sales performance,” said Alan Braun, CEO of Ingage. “Ingage Presentations allows sales teams to quickly create memorable presentations on an iPad with the ability to measure what’s resonating with customers and what’s not. With the recent launch of our Ingage Instants tool for social media, this Ingage Presentations announcement and our soon to be released full sales enablement platform, we’re delivering on our vision to bring innovative mobile sales tools to the market.”

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Ingage Presentations makes it possible for users, without any technical training or design experience, to build interactive and measurable sales presentations. Key functionality includes:

  • Create: Users can quickly import existing PPTX and image files to create a new Ingage Presentation. Built-in templates and interactive elements enhance the slides and edits can be made on-the-go.
  • Deliver: Ingage Presentations can be delivered from an iPad and through the Ingage app, users can capture attention by leveraging touchable images, videos, product specs and branding. The latest version of the presentation is always available with real-time updates and embedded live links.
  • Learn: Ingage Presentations provide analytics that allow for the sales team to learn from every presentation they deliver. Ingage Pro users can track engagement through built-in analytics, and sales leaders have the ability to measure activity and performance, including if content is being viewed, how many times and by what people, and adapt the content for better results. The activity analysis provides valuable information about the behavior of the sales team’s activity and performance as well.

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“Ingage Presentations is seeing great traction in the home improvement category,” said Braun. “We’re hearing from many mobile sales teams in the renovation, interior design, landscaping and construction spaces that this has become a valuable tool for distributed teams that need the latest information at their fingertips while they’re on the road selling.  For sales leaders or sales enablement teams back at headquarters, they can also monitor in real time and create content to fill the gap.”

“As a family owned and operated business focused on home remodels, customer satisfaction is at the most important priority for us at NEWPRO,” said Peter Ladd, Director of Training, NEWPRO. “Making the change from static PowerPoint slides to interactive Ingage Presentations allows our salesforce to tell stories in more engaging ways. We can highlight time-lapse renovation project videos, show before and after home photos, and link to customer reviews. Also important to us is the built-in analytics tool that measures what content is resonating, which helps us tailor and improve our presentations to ultimately increase our sales.”

Ingage Presentations is available as a free download in the iTunes App Store. Users can upgrade to Ingage Pro to add company branding, share to the web, get access to Ingage Insights and export to PDF for $19.99 monthly or $199 per year.

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