Engageya Launches “Stories” Unit For Mobile Publishers

Engageya, a leading native technology platform, is launching a breakthrough product bringing the social “story” experience onto mobile content web sites.

Storiya will enable publishers to engage audiences and ramp up revenues via the story format that has become familiar on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook – featuring video, photos and text overlays in a vertical aspect ratio and dynamic style.

Following successful pilots in Russia, Turkey and Dubai, Storiya will be offered to publishers all over the world, with an emphasis on both news sites and lifestyle and vertical publications.

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“We believe this is a win-win that offers a natural next step in the evolution of storytelling and brand marketing,” said CEO Barak Frohlinger. “For us it is a perfect reflection of our goal: to help create a richer digital universe for the combined benefit of publishers, brands and users.”

For advertisers, it is a chance to extend the reach of existing campaigns in a format which has proven phenomenally successful on social platforms. For publishers, it offers a modern storytelling model that has been proven to draw young audiences, keep users on-site, and convert for advertisers.

Stories are also a perfect way for reporters to bring users behind the scenes of coverage or to broadcast breaking news. In cases where publishers are doing this already on social media sites, those stories can now be imported onto their mobile sites via Storiya. Via an easy-to-use dashboard, editors can also use the Storiya unit to source and import user-generated content from Twitter and Pinterest, or run internal content recommendations.

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Arranged in a carousel, the unit is designed for the top of mobile pages but can live anywhere. The stories can contain multiple units, and each can link to organic content – or advertiser pages. As opposed to standard video placements, they follow technical specifications similar to those of traditional native formats.

Advertisers will benefit from robust reporting, tracking performance by click, video completion rates, as well as analytics data on swiping, pausing, muting video and more.

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